The Best Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools


Some of the best tools in the industry are either free, have great free trials, or work on a “freemium” business model. Here are some of my favorites. This list is frequently updated so check back often!

Google Analytics

Far and away, one of the most valuable tools out there. Unbelievable, world-class, enterprise-level analytics. Not optional.


Google Webmaster Tools

Again, not optional. Use Google Webmaster tools to fix crawling and indexing issues, site speed data and more.


Bing Webmaster Tools

If you’re interested in penetrating the 25-ish% of the US market that Bing / Yahoo have, you need to sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools! Setup your account, submit your XML sitemap, and go through every tab at least once.


Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The defacto tool for search engine optimizers everywhere. Use this as a general barometer for search volume. My caveat is that search volumes can vary widely from industry to industry, vertical to vertical, so take it with a grain of salt. I believe the Google Keyword Tool is best used as a “relative indicator” for search volume.


SEOBook SEO Tools (Free and Paid)


Aaron Wall is one of the most revered minds in the industry. I highly recommend some of his tools.


SEO Site Tools (Google Chrome Plugin)


An awesome SEO plugin for Google Chrome.


Google Trends

Another good relative indicator for the general barometer of search volume. Doesn’t apply to low-volume queries however, which makes it less valuable.



Enter your URL and detect whether or not other people have plagiarized your content. You’ll have to sign up for a premium membership to get full access but it’s definitely worth doing once.



BuiltWith does an instant, deep analysis of everything going on behind-the-scenes of your website. Server information, CMS systems, frameworks, analytics and tracking, javascript libraries, widgets, aggregation functionality, document information and encoding. Worth doing once just to check out how much is going on within the inner workings of your page.



A great, free tool that can be used to find broken links and errors. It’s great to run this every  few weeks / months and make sure you don’t have any major crawling errors!


MetaFever Free SEO Report

An instant, comprehensive report on your on-page optimization. This is a great tool, I think it’s white-labeled from someone else that has created it, but it’s an awesome “final check” once you’ve gone live with a site. This one always catches ALT tags that I miss out on.


SEM Rush (SEM Data and Organic Ranking Information)


A great tool for competitor rankings and data on paid search.


SEO Browser

See your website the way search engines see it. This is a great tool for an instant diagnosis on technical issues. I frequently use this to check if 301 redirects have been implemented.


SEO for Firefox by SEO Book

A great firefox extension for SEO. Tons of data within the search engines, before even clicking the page. This is really good for competitive analysis.


Internet Marketing Ninjas On-Page Optimization Analysis

Another on-page optimization tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas. There are a bunch of these kinds of tools out there, and I’m going to make you choose your favorite rather than listen to me. I like using this one in particular to check all of my internal links and external links.


XML Sitemap Generator

Just plugin your URL and will create a free sitemap for you, up to 500 pages.


Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Use this tool to check how Google views your structured data markup. It’s particularly useful if you have a G+ profile and you want to verify authorship for your blog posts.


Virante Duplicate Content Checker

This is a great tool to scope out whether or not you have duplicate content problems. First it determines whether or not you have a www vs. non-www issue in the Google cache, followed by checking whether or not Google has “omitted entries similar” to pages on your site. It’ll also check default page, 404′s and PageRank dispersion. It looks like some of the graphics on the tool are broken, but it still works.


Advanced Link Manager - Manage your links. This tool is awesome.


Link Research Tools - Compiles link data from lots of sources into one dashboard.


Majestic SEO – One of the best link explorers in the industry.


Open Site Explorer - THE best link explorer in the industry.


Ahrefs – Another very good link analysis tool.


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