Why is having an SEO strategy important?

Is this you? Master of SEO, optimization assassin, ranking royalty? Okay, sorry that was so corny, but you get the point. You can know exactly what you’re doing in on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, technical SEO, content creation, or any other aspect of SEO, but you still need a way to create a clear SEO strategy that you can scale.

Without clear goals and a path to achieve them, you might be constantly questioning what you’re working on:

  • Am I targeting the right kind of customer?
  • How can I keep my strategy straight at each point in the sales funnel?
  • Is my SEO strategy cohesive?

What’s in this SEO strategy template?

Going from nothing to a well thought out SEO strategy is tough enough, so we decided to pack this template with several sheets to help you figure out the following:

  • Who exactly you are targeting, and what will connect with them
  • When to optimize for different kinds of keywords
  • How to make sure your SEO strategy is directly helping your sales process

How should you use this template?

If you are a freelancer or agency that needs to have well thought out strategies for several clients and make sure you can keep all of them straight, this template is definitely for you. If you’re focused on your own business, this template will help you understand SEO and how it directly helps you to increase sales.

  1. Figure out that you are going to be using SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy and be familiar with the product or service being sold
  2. Fill out the persona worksheet first – you need to know who your customers are in order to show them what they will want
  3. Use the strategy and campaign ideas worksheets to plan what you will do to use SEO to boost sales
  4. Execute your SEO strategy!

SEO Strategy Template

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