SEO Audit Template

When I started my first website, I had no idea what SEO was. It sounds like a fancy computer nerd acronym for something too technical to wrap my head around. I knew I wanted to do an SEO audit on my site, so I googled it, of course. But let’s face it, trying to make sense of all the SEO nonsense out there is a headache.

When you’re just trying to make sense of how to optimize your website, all you want is to figure out what you’re doing wrong, in a question, the problem comes down to this:

Why am I not ranking highly?

Figuring out the answer to this questions is the key to fixing the problem, but how do you know where to start?

Simple: start right here. We now have a complete SEO audit template to pinpoint where you’ve gone wrong, and get you right on track to ranking as highly as possible.

What’s in this template? 

Our SEO audit template gives you the tools to thoroughly diagnose any problems with:

  • Figuring out the best URL’s
  • How your website shows up on Google
  • Building links, broken links, internal links
  • The content that’s actually on your pages!

When should you use this template?

This template is useful for anybody who already has a site and just wants to have their SEO strategy in plain sight. Regardless of whether you’re auditing your own site or auditing a client’s site, this template will help you using the following steps:

  1. You’re working on an existing site and want to figure out how well the site is optimized for search engines
  2. Gather your information and fill out the sheet attached
  3. Determine which specific aspects of your site need some work
  4. Fix or develop a plan to improve the aspects of your site that can be improved upon

After using the SEO audit template, you will be ready to fix your problems and have a robust, SEO friendly website.

SEO Audit Template

Use this comprehensive SEO audit template to evaluate your organic search strategy and maximize your traffic as quickly as possible.

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