Why is keyword research important?

Has this ever happened to you?

You desperately need to boost a site’s rankings. It doesn’t matter if this is a client, and employer, or your own site, you just need to figure out how to get ranking. Naturally, you start with some keyword research, but let’s face it – this can be confusing and messy:

  • Where should I start with my keyword research?
  • How do I know which keywords to target?
  • Will my keyword research actually pay off? 

You already know how to do keyword research, you just need a way to make sure you’re making the most of this process so you don’t kick yourself down the road. You need a simple process, structure, and template to have a consistent method of doing keyword research. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll get with our keyword research template.

What’s in this template?

There is a LOT available to you in this template but here are the key features: (pun intended)

  • How you should gather raw keyword data
  • Examples of how to use this page from start to finish
  • A way to calculate the monetary value of ranking for your keywords
  • An optional free webinar that shows you precisely how to use this sheet

How should you use this template?

Anytime you know you need to keyword research (before offering a new product or service, just getting familiar with a client’s market, etc.) is the time for this template.

  1. Pull up your favorite keyword research tool (like kwfinder or ahrefs)
  2. Start exploring your keywords and add them to a list
  3. Keep adding keywords until your head smashes your keyboard. You can always delete anything you don’t need later, so keep going!
  4. Export this list as a CSV which you can import to the tab that says “Raw keyword list”
  5. Sort out these keywords based on the intent of the search. To see how this ends up, compare the raw keyword list to the boxes for individual pages on the first tab.
  6. Feel free to use this template however else you like! Change it up, adjust it to however you do keyword research.

The tricky thing about keyword research is that people are always changing what they search for, so it’s important to repeat this process every so often to make sure you’re still in touch with your target customer.

Keyword Research Template

A comprehensive keyword research template to show you exactly how to find and use all your relevant keywords

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