Another spreadsheet down the drain, scrapped in frustration. You’re trying to sort out all the components of your digital marketing strategy, but it seems impossible to keep everything straight. There are so many moving parts, how can you keep track of them all? Just when you think you have one thing all set, you have a million other concerns:

  • How do my different digital marketing channels work together?
  • Who am I marketing to?
  • How do I actually convert engagement into customers?

To address all of these concerns and get your strategy organized and on track, grab our free digital marketing plan template.

What’s in this plan?

Our digital marketing plan covers all channels of digital marketing, like SEO, email marketing, social media, and more. To maximize the potential of all of these channels, we have worksheets to do all of the following:

  • Pinpoint the exact target persona you are selling to
  • Figure out your strategy in every digital marketing channel at every point in your sales funnel
  • An easy way to brainstorm ideas for your campaigns

How should you use this digital marketing plan?

Use this template when you have a business with a product or service that you are ready to sell. Each section of digital marketing can be its own complicated topic by itself, so this plan will take quite a bit of work to implement in full. Use this to plan your long term digital marketing strategy by following the steps below:

  1. Determine the target persona that buys your product
  2. Using the strategy worksheet, figure out what you need to do for each of your channels to attract potential customers including assets that you would produce for each channel
  3. Use the campaign ideas to plan the campaigns using assets from step 2.
  4. Pull the trigger and execute your campaigns!

Digital Marketing Plan

The comprehensive digital marketing plan template to plan and execute killer digital marketing campaigns and increase sales

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