Why is a digital marketing audit important?

To really understand if your digital marketing efforts are producing the rewards, you need to set goals, and to set goals you need to understand where you’re starting from. The first part of any digital marketing strategy should be assessing your current success (or failure.)

To do this, you really have to conduct an audit for all of your digital marketing channels and be able to assess your position. So you go to assemble a report, but trying to figure out what is important for a concise digital marketing report is tough, and you probably ask yourself questions like this:

  • What numbers do my clients want to see?
  • How can I consolidate reports for my marketing channels in one place?
  • How do I assess where we are?

Following our digital marketing audit template gives you the peace of mind that you are presenting a clear and thorough explanation of the fruits of your digital marketing labor.

What’s in this audit template?

To really get a feel for how all of your digital marketing is going, you need to know how each of your channels are doing, which means we’ve set you up with separate sheets for:

  • All your SEO progress for any specific page, including off-page optimization, on-page optimization, and technical SEO
  • Social media audit with all the relevant social media platforms
  • An email marketing audit
  • An evaluation of your paid ads on Google, Facebook, and more

How should you use this template?

Our digital marketing audit template has a lot going on, but using it is pretty simple. Once you know you will need to do an audit, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Gather all the data you need from every individual channel
  2. Sort through it and fill out the sheets to show the important data your clients will care about
  3. This can be used repeatedly – monthly, yearly, or whichever way makes sense for you.

Digital Marketing Audit Template

A powerful digital marketing audit template to show exactly what you're doing for clients, where you're doing it, and your results

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