Why is an SEO report important?

When you’re creating an SEO report you want to hit just the right balance. If you make it too long, you’ll be that jerk who wouldn’t shut up at the meeting, and if it’s too short, nobody will understand what you’ve actually been doing.

Making an SEO report is a simple balance. You just need to make sure you can communicate all the key takeaways and data from your work in a clear, concise way without rambling. This means you have to make a lot of decisions about what to include (and exclude) from your SEO reports, which makes questions like these very common:

  • How can I keep it short but communicate my results clearly?
  • What data will my clients care about?
  • What should I even include in a monthly SEO report?

To help you strike the right balance between comprehensive and concise, we have created an SEO report template you can download and use for free right now.

What’s included in the template?

Our SEO report template uses easy to fill out spreadsheets that let you create a simple report that will convey all the important information your clients will want to see, including spaces for things like:

  • The changes you’re making to pages and the improvements from those changes
  • Showing your movement in the rankings for the keywords you are targeting
  • A place to prominently show certain key data that your client or boss will actually want to know about

How should you use this template?

This template is ideal for somebody who needs a simple and quick way to communicate key SEO metrics to a client, boss, or colleague who may not understand every detail of SEO. When you need to prepare a report, run through these steps with the template:

  1. Figure out which metrics will be important to show in your report
  2. Gather your data from the tools you use like Ahrefs, SERPwatcher, SEMRush, Google Search Console, Google analytics, or other reporting tool
  3. Fill out your template with the relevant information
  4. Repeat! This template can easily be used every month, year, or any other time period to show changes over time

SEO Report Template

Use our SEO report template to put together a report that will communicate your success clearly and impress bosses or clients.

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