Only my mom interacts with “companies” on social media.

It’s kind-of hilarious, but mostly sad. Seeing her show up again and again in my newsfeed commenting on some corporate-drone-sounding post from Nabisco’s social media profiles with an “LOL” and 6 smiley faces is just exhausting.

Let me know if this sounds familiar: you’re tasked with (or have tasked yourself with) taking over your company’s social presence, and you’ve decided to do a social media audit.

As of now, you have:

  • No idea which accounts you own
  • No idea which social media platforms you should and should not be on
  • The last few posts on your Facebook page were a one-sentence update with an image and a link, received 2 likes and was followed by 6 months of radio silence
  • Your LinkedIn presence is non-existent
  • You’ve discovered that someone in your company randomly decided to post 3 times on Instagram about National Almond Day back in 2016 (…hurray?)
  • No idea how to do a social media audit!

Look, I get it, your social media strategy is a hot mess, and you’ve finally decided to get your act together. I’m not sure who you’re trying to target, but unless your customer avatar is my mom, an adorable old lady that can barely check her email and doesn’t even own a credit card, you probably need to do a social media audit.

Auditing your social media marketing is an incredibly valuable process that you can use to figure out where your social media marketing stands. By taking stock of which accounts you currently have, which accounts you should and shouldn’t be posting to, along with how it all fits into your digital marketing strategy, you can set yourself up to create a powerful, metric-driven social media marketing campaign from scratch.

Lucky for you, we’ve already done most of the work for you.

Our free social media audit template is one of the fastest ways you can figure out how terrible (or amazing) your social media presence is.

Once you download the template and complete the social media audit, here’s what you’ll have:

  • All of your social media accounts in one centralized location (URLs, login usernames and passwords)
  • An audit of all your photography (avatar images, high-quality cover and banner images and their dimensions)
  • An overview of your post frequency, follower count and your monthly follower growth rate
  • A breakdown of how your organic and paid social media traffic is performing on your site, including conversion rates and conversion value
  • Your business objectives (why does everyone seem to forget this one?)

And the best part? It’s free!

Enter your email below and download the ClickMinded social media audit template right now.

Beyond this social media audit…

This social media audit template is just one simple step on the path to improving your social media strategy. There are a ton of other great ways to improve your marketing strategy, such as analytics tools like Google Analytics which help you to see which demographics you should be targeting, understand referral traffic, and has other metrics that help you convert customers with the help of social media platforms.

But a social network is not just all about excel sheets, Hootsuite integrations, facebook insights, hashtags or even your number of followers. A social network is probably how most people in the general public are viewing your company’s brand, so you need to make sure it’s in great hands. If you need some help handling all your social media tasks, there are tons of great tools to simplify things for you, like Social Bee.

Social Media Audit Template

Figure out where you stand on every social media channel and create a world-class, metric driven strategy for you or your client's business.

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