These days, everything you read out there is quick tips, hacks, and crappy Business Insider articles. Everyone, shockingly, has “The Ultimate Guide for [insert trending tactic]”.

If you’re sick of this stuff, and you’re ready to massively grow your business and become a world-class digital marketer, the ClickMinded digital marketing blog is a comprehensive library of step-by-step tutorials and video guides on how to execute extremely specific digital marketing tasks.

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The Complete 32-Point SEO Checklist For 2018

A Powerful On Page SEO Checker & Analysis Tool

Add Adwords & Facebook Remarketing to WordPress

An Advanced On Page SEO Tutorial for 2018

A Six-Figure Side Project: The ClickMinded Story

How to Install Google Tag Manager on a WordPress Site

social media calendar template

The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar Template

301 redirect

How to Create and Verify a 301 Redirect on WordPress

The 2018 SEO Tutorial for Complete Beginners

mass email mail merge

Gmail Mail Merge: How to Send Bulk Email with Gmail & YAMM

HTTP Explained: The HTTP Status & Response Code Guide

meta description tag blog post

How to Write the Perfectly Optimized Meta Description For More Traffic

LSI thumbnail

The Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) & Google RankBrain Guide

utm parameters

Perfect UTM Tracking Codes For Google Analytics

html title tags

Title Tag Optimization Guide For More Traffic

International SEO: Country Code Top-Level Domains

Image Alt Text: How to Do Image SEO for More Traffic

SEO Anchor Text: Optimizing Link Anchor Text for More Traffic

How to Optimize the Link Rel=”Canonical” Tag for SEO

Easily Add the Adwords Remarketing Tag to Your Site

The 3-Step Sales Funnel Strategy for Powerful Funnels

Guide to Adding Google Analytics to a WordPress Site

meta keywords thumbnail

Meta Keywords: The Internet’s Saddest Little Meta Tag

featured facebook pixel

Add the Facebook Pixel to a WordPress Site in 6 Minutes

blog post facebook lookalike

Create a Facebook Lookalike Audience in 5 Minutes

What Is Content Marketing? 3 Important Tips For 2018

The ClickMinded Guide to a Successful Product Launch

social media share buttons

Add Social Media Share Button Icons to WordPress

Create a Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch

secure password management

Using LastPass as a Secure Password Manager

Create a Digital Marketing Strategy from Scratch

The Social Media Automation Guide for 2018

How to Write Powerful Blog Posts That Convert

The Big Dirty Secret About Email Marketing in 2018

10x Your Traffic From Google

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