Why is an SEO checklist important?

Every SEO grifter on the internet has their “one quick trick to rank fast today!” In reality, there’s a huge variety of things that are affecting your rankings.

But if you’re new to SEO, how are you ever supposed to sift through all the garbage out there to get to the key details that will actually help you increase your rankings? People often have a ton of questions at this stage, like:

  • Which areas should I focus my time on for the biggest ROI?
  • Should I pay for links?
  • How do I optimize the content on my site to make it rank?
  • Where and how should I be using my keywords?

Nobody knows exactly what goes into Google’s algorithm, but what we do know is what works. We’ve compiled a complete list of things we actually do when optimizing a page into our SEO checklist, and you can download it right here for free.

What’s in this SEO checklist?

Our SEO checklist is divided into three sections – on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO. Breaking it up into these three sections makes it easy to follow and easy to see which parts are already good to go and which parts need some work. Within these sections, we cover specific items that will help you optimize your site, like these:

  • Creating URLs the right way
  • How to use keywords to your advantage
  • What backlinks you most want to receive
  • Indexing and crawling

How should you use this checklist?

This checklist is going to be most useful to you if you are ready to optimize your pages right now. Some of these are tips for individual pages, and some are site-wide changes that will help every page. Download the checklist and then run through these steps:

  1. Make the page(s) on your site (you might already have it made)
  2. Go through the checklist to make sure the page is fully optimized, catch and fix any errors you notice
  3. Repeat this checklist with every new page you make

SEO Checklist

A comprehensive SEO checklist to get the most out of every aspect of SEO and start ranking above your competitors

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