You’ve got a great idea for a new page on your website. You know exactly what to write and you’re ready to get it out into the world. But how will anybody see it? What if you put it out there and nobody ever clicks on it? All that hard work gone to waste. Here’s the thing – we’ve all had this worry. We sit there and think:

  • How do I make sure Google indexes this page?
  • What if it doesn’t load correctly on a customer’s phone?
  • How can I make sure this page actually shows up in the search results? 

Sound familiar? It’s totally normal. In SEO, doing every little thing right can end up making a big difference, which is why we made this comprehensive SEO checklist you can use to get your pages ranking.

What’s included in this checklist?

SEO can seem very vague sometimes. What’s part of SEO, and what’s not? In our checklist we have boiled it down to three main sections:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Technical optimization

Within each of these sections you will find a complete list of details to check off to maximize a page’s value.

How should you use this SEO checklist?

Before breaking out the checklist, you should either be getting ready to publish a new page or be looking to improve a page that already exists.

  1. Make the page on your site (you might already have it made)
  2. Go through the checklist to make sure the page is fully optimized, catch and fix any errors you notice
  3. Repeat this checklist with every new page you make

There ya go! A simple way to superpower every page to its full ranking potential.

SEO Checklist

A comprehensive SEO checklist to get the most out of every aspect of SEO and start ranking above your competitors

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