Do you need a content calendar for your social media?

Whether you’re a social media manager of a Fortune 500 company or a freelancer with a variety of clients, social media management can feel hectic. There are a ton of things to do, and creating content can depend on several other people.

Planning and executing content is what social media marketing is about. When you have all your content planned out, things fall into place and your life is easier. You won’t have so many questions on your mind like:

  • When are my posts going out?
  • Which platforms am I posting on?
  • What if there’s a broken link in my post?
  • How can everybody be looped into what we’re doing on social?

To make a clear plan for all your social media channels and keep everybody in the loop, use our social media content calendar.

What’s in this social media content calendar?

Our social media content calendar is a spreadsheet to organize all your content campaigns. This includes everything you need, such as:

  • Areas for all the relevant details about your social media campaigns
  • Making sure all your posts are going out with the intended content like the right copy, pictures, videos, and links
  • An easy way to keep relevant people informed of what you’re doing and making sure everybody has signed off on your campaigns

How should I use this calendar?

This template is best to use when you’re having trouble keeping track of all the little details about what you’re posting (or to make sure you never run into that problem) Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Before you use this social media content calendar, you should know what you are posting, whether it’s just one post or a whole campaign.
  2. Fill out a row with all the information you’ll need for the post
  3. Pull the trigger! Post according to your schedule and update the calendar with a live link so everybody knows how to find it

Social Media Content Calendar

Use our social media content calendar to organize all your posts, keep your sanity, and focus on producing great content

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