Create a Winning Content Marketer Resume to Land The Job You Love

Download our fillable content marketing resume template to help you land your dream job as a content marketing manager.
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An eye-catching resume gives the hiring manager a complete glimpse of your professional journey. It showcases the skills, experiences, and dedication you have to bring results to the company.

In this article, you will learn how to develop a professional content marketing resume that creates a good first impression on the recruiter.

We have also constructed a fillable content marketing resume template to help you land your dream job as a content marketing manager.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Choose a Suitable Resume Format

Choosing a resume template is the first step in the resume-writing process. You can find good resume templates online but stay away from anything too fancy. Google Docs and Canva both include a plethora of resume templates. You may also get our fillable template for free at the end of this article.

Include the following headers in your resume: 

  • Resume Summary
  • Contact Details
  • Experiences 
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Achievements 
  • Key Skills, etc.

Also, remember that your resume should not exceed one page unless you have many years of experience to show.

Now you can start crafting different sections of your resume. We will begin with the main headline of your resume- Resume Summary.

Your Resume Summary Should Get Immediate Attention

The recruiters will scan your resume for a few seconds; if the resume summary impresses them, they’ll look for other details, or else not. Your resume summary should be no more than three sentences, mentioning significant highlights of your skills and career goals. 

Your resume summary should include:

  • Total years of experience
  • Overview of technical skills
  • Career Highlight

If you are just starting your career, start your resume with a resume objective highlighting relevant skills, strengths, and achievements.

A captivating resume summary will attract the recruiter’s attention. Next, they want to know what relevant experience and skills they have gained.

Your Work Experience And Skills Should Tell What You Bring To The Table

Use the job description and skills sections to show that you are a good fit for the role. You should add relevant keywords from the job posting to your resume.

Think of work experience as storytelling, highlight your day-to-day activities and achievements in your previous job engagingly. You don’t want the recruiter to get bored with your job experiences. Show them the results you have achieved following different digital marketing strategies. 

Highlight Your Unique Abilities With the Certification and Achievements Section

Courses and certifications are great ways of learning about a new subject or domain. Mention certifications or achievements that are worth highlighting in your resume.

You can also do certifications to get the basic knowledge about a particular skill emphasized in the job posting.

Use the achievements section to mention significant feats you achieved in your previous roles. Add numbers to show that you have brought results with your work.

After you’ve finished creating your resume, go over it, again and again, to make sure it’s free of errors.

Don’t Spoil Your Resume With Simple Mistakes

It is human to make mistakes, but when a recruiter reads your resume and sees a minor spelling mistake, it might not make a positive impression. 

An avoidable error on your resume shows that you lack attention to detail. To avoid this from happening, proofread your resume and search for any mistakes before you send it.

To be double sure, ask a friend or a colleague to check your resume.

Download Your Free Content Marketing Resume Template

Yay! Now you know the basics of creating an outstanding content marketer resume. 

Furthermore, you can download our free content marketing resume template designed to emphasize your skills and help you stand out as a content marketer.

This fillable template has all the necessary elements of a content marketing resume to help you land the interview.

You can download it below!

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Create a Winning Content Marketer Resume to Land The Job You Love

Download our fillable content marketing resume template to help you land your dream job as a content marketing manager.

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