Create Your Job-Winning Email Marketing Resume

Create the perfect email marketing specialist resume along with a template that you can customize right away.
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You have the knowledge and expertise necessary to design and manage effective email marketing campaigns, but you're not sure if your resume reflects that. 

If so, you’re not alone. 

Many professionals have relevant digital marketing experience, yet their resumes don't say much about them. And when the first impression doesn't land well, often the resume will return empty-handed.

In this article, we will share five tips to create the perfect email marketing specialist resume, along with a template that you can customize right away. 

Our resume template has all of the elements you'll need to create a professional resume that will help you land interviews.

Ready? Let's get started!

Five Tips to Craft a Winning Email Marketing Manager Resume

1. Know What the Company Wants

Companies look for candidates who can fulfill the company’s specific needs. Hence, it's essential to tailor your resume to what the employer is looking for.

You should emphasize the abilities, experiences, and keywords that the company highlighted the most in its job post.

Some key elements you can include in your resume are:

  • Resume Summary
  • Contact Details
  • Experience 
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Achievements 
  • Key Skills

As an email marketing expert, your communication skills and writing skills are very important. Make sure you craft your resume well, so you can showcase your writing abilities.

2. Improve Your Resume Summary

Your resume summary is the first thing the hiring manager looks at in your resume. That is why it is crucial to write a compelling resume summary at the top. In two or three lines, the summary should provide an overview of your personality and capabilities.

A captivating resume summary will pique the recruiter's interest in learning more about you and determining whether you are a good fit for the job. 

4. Include Your Work Experience and Skills

Every company wants candidates who can add value by bringing their experience and talent to the company. Highlight your quantifiable accomplishments, campaign performance, and day-to-day activities in an engaging way using metrics. 

Make a list of your experience in bullet points, focusing on your unique email marketing abilities and software experience.      

You should have a general understanding of the skills required in your profession, and mentioning those skills in your resume will demonstrate to recruiters that you have the necessary expertise. 

In your resume, you can list your technical talents, as well as your interpersonal and soft skills.

Most big companies these days use applicant tracking software, so add keywords from the job posting.

Include any qualifications that the company has mentioned in their job posting. If you don’t have the skills mentioned in the job requirements, certifications are a way to mention them in your resume. 

5. Add Certifications & Achievements for Brownie Points

If you have completed any certifications related to email marketing in the past, including those will indicate that you have the required knowledge in the field. 

Your achievements demonstrate that you are committed to your job and have previously succeeded. However, avoid listing too many accomplishments, list only significant and related achievements.

6. Keep Your Resume Up to Date

When did you last update your resume? Take some time now and then to update your resume.

Most job seekers remember their resume only when they need it to apply for a job. But often, new opportunities come unexpectedly, and your resume is unprepared for these situations.

It is necessary to keep your resume up to date, including new roles, job experience, and achievements.

Not sure if your resume includes everything needed for a professional resume? You can download and use our free email marketing resume template as a guide.

Download Your Free Email Marketing Resume Template

We have created a free resume template that you can use to create a professional resume for an email marketing position.

You may design your unique resume with this template to attract recruiters and land that ideal job you've been looking for.

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Create Your Job-Winning Email Marketing Resume

Create the perfect email marketing specialist resume along with a template that you can customize right away.

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