LinkedIn Profile Checklist

“You don’t even have a profile picture?” The interviewer was a little surprised when he pulled up my LinkedIn profile. When I first made it, I basically had no idea what I was doing. Out of all social media platforms, it was one that I had neglected to keep updated. I didn’t realize people would actually look me up on LinkedIn, but they do!

It doesn’t take an experience like this to be nervous about your LinkedIn profile. If you’re job searching, you’ve probably had some of these questions lingering in the back of your mind:

  • Does my profile photo look professional? Should I get a headshot for LinkedIn? Do I just put on a nice shirt and sit in front of a plain background?
  • What should I put in my professional headline?
  • Is it easy to find my contact info?
  • What do I do about endorsements?
  • What should I write in my education section? Do I include high school?

These are common concerns that any job seeker could have, but how do you know what to actually do about them? Luckily for you, our LinkedIn profile checklist lays out exactly what you need to include in your profile, how to set it up, and how to use LinkedIn to impress your colleagues and future bosses.

How should you use this checklist?

When you’re applying for jobs, you don’t want to just be one of the random resumes in a pile, you want to make sure your LinkedIn profile is a brilliant showcase of you, your work experience, your volunteer experience, your background, your areas of expertise, and your personality. Take our checklist and cross off every step until you have a profile that employers won’t be able to ignore.

More about using our LinkedIn profile checklist…

The way most people use LinkedIn is boring, let’s face it. It is a social media platform, but we choose to look at LinkedIn as a tool that lets you control the narrative in your job search. Hiring managers are looking through stacks of a million resumes and receive random business cards every day – and they’re all the same. By the way, if you’re trying to build a resume off of LinkedIn from scratch, try this professional resume builder instead.

When hiring managers hear your name or see it on your resume, they pull up a new tab and head to to search for your name, so you need to own that result from the profile photo to your education section and skill sets.

If you’re looking to leave your current position, blasting out your resume to 500 other hiring managers won’t be enough. Create a high quality professional profile that shows off your work history, honors & awards, and most importantly – who you are to potential employers.

LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Get more requests from recruiters and executives with this comprehensive LinkedIn profile checklist, designed to help you grow your professional network.

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