Social Media Marketing Resume Template To Get Hired in 2021

Create a social media marketing resume that will help you land the interview and save time
Social Media Marketing Resume Template

You have the abilities and expertise necessary to advance in social media marketing, but you’ve been unsuccessful in landing the job. 

Before any company hires you to handle their social presence, you’ll have to win their confidence with your skills and work experience.

To design an eye-catching social media marketing manager resume, use the resume writing tips and template shared in this article below. 

Create a professional resume by using our free social media marketing resume template included at the end.

5 Tips To Create an Eye-Catching Social Media Marketing Resume

1. Write a Compelling Resume Objective

One of the first things hiring managers will notice is the resume objective. To separate yourself from what everyone has on their resume, highlight your most exceptional social media management skills and achievements.

This section of your resume should show that you have online marketing experience with some communication skills.

You will have to showcase your social media strategy and marketing campaigns experience in the work experience section.

2. Stand Out With Your Job Description and Skills Section

Tell your recruiters what you have achieved in your previous job. It is more like storytelling than just letting them know what role you played in your past jobs. 

Impress them with the quantifiable metrics that you bring to the table from your past experiences.

List down a few significant hard and soft skills that are your strong points. You can customize this part of your resume depending on the job posting. 

You can also add certifications and achievements sections to your resume to show the recruiters you have the skills required to excel as a social media marketer.

3. Include Certifications and Achievements

Your experience shows your expertise in a specific field. List down related certifications that demonstrate your skills in a particular area.

Certifications are also a great way to build new skills related to your field that recruiters frequently demand in their job postings.

Achievements present the unique abilities and dedication that you have shown in your field. List down noticeable social media campaign numbers or awards you have achieved in the past.

4. Impress the Bot First

Before you impress the recruiters, you will have to pass the bots first.Most big companies use an applicant tracking system to scan and filter out resumes before they are brought to the table.

Add relevant keywords related to your job profile to pass the bot test and reach the hands of the recruiters.

Remember, to err is human and that is why you should check your resume multiple times before sending it to the recruiters.

5. Proofread and Things To Remember

Before you send out your resume to the recruiters, take some time to proofread your resume. A silly grammar mistake may leave a bad impression on the recruiter and spoil your chances of getting the job. You can also ask colleagues or friends to check for errors.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Don't write a lengthy resume. Your resume should not exceed one page unless you have many years of experience.
  • Make sure to cover all the standard sections- Professional Summary, Key Skills, Professional Experience, Education, etc.
  • Don't use very fancy fonts or graphics - keep it simple and professional
  • Keep margins, spacing, font size, etc., checked.

Social Media Manager Resume Template

Now you can present your resume in a well-defined and appealing way to attract recruiters, and get the job you have been eyeing for. 

If you want to create a resume that will help you land the interview and save time, check out our customizable social media marketing resume template by downloading it below!

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Social Media Marketing Resume Template To Get Hired in 2021

Create a social media marketing resume that will help you land the interview and save time

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