Social Media Manager Resume To Get Hired

Create a social media manager resume that will help you land the interview and save time
Social Media Manager Resume
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Social Media Manager Resume Overview

Let me know if this one sounds familiar. You’re a world-class social media marketer. You know what you’re doing, and you’ve run successful campaigns in the past. You’re ready to move up a level and you’d like to apply for a more challenging, better-paid position, managing a brand’s social media presence. You have the abilities and expertise necessary, but you haven’t yet landed the job. Why? Probably because your professional resume lacks the hook points a business looks for.

We know that in this digital age, businesses must have a social media presence. Allowing someone to manage the company’s social platforms is a big decision that businesses must make. So, before any company hires you to manage their social media accounts or social media presence, you must first gain their trust by demonstrating your skill set, exactly what you’ve done in your work history, and how good you are at it.

To design an eye-catching social media manager resume, use the best resume writing tips (and the free downloadable template) shared below.

Format Your Social Media Marketing Resume

There is a great amount of competition for the social marketing manager position in companies and there are huge numbers of applications that a hiring manager has to go through. At first, they will take only seconds to scan your resume.

You need to impress the hiring manager in those few seconds. They are looking at your most recent and noticeable achievements in those crucial seconds. That is why you need to format your social media marketing resume in reverse chronological order to avoid being overlooked.

After starting with a compelling resume objective, place relevant work experiences next. Your social media marketing skills, certifications, achievements, volunteer work, and other relevant information come one after another.

In case, you are applying for an entry-level social media marketing role, place your education and certifications above less relevant experiences.

How you format your resume to present it to the hiring manager has a crucial impact on your chances.

Your social media marketing resume sections should be something like this:

  • Resume Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Relevant Skills
  • Certifications
  • Achievements

To leave a positive first impression on the hiring manager, a hooking resume statement is an influential factor that you should not overlook.

Create A Compelling Resume Objective

One of the first things hiring managers will notice is the resume objective. To separate yourself from what everyone has on their resume, highlight your most exceptional social media management skills and achievements.

social media marketing resume objective

This section of your resume must highlight your work history and show that you have online marketing experience with some communication skills.

You will have to showcase your social media strategy, social media management skills, and social marketing campaign experience in the work experience section.

Your Skills & Job Description Section

In the job description and skills section, tell your recruiters what you have achieved in your previous job. It is more like storytelling than just letting them know what role you played in your past jobs.

Impress them with the quantifiable metrics that you bring to the table from your past years of experience. Your work history in the social media or digital marketing field can strengthen your resume. Showcasing experience with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can further add more value to your resume.

List down a few significant hard and soft skills that are your strong points. You can customize this part of your resume depending on the job posting.

Some noticeable hard skills that your social media marketing resume should consist of are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Photoshop, Canva, or any other image editing tool
  • Zapier
  • Buffer

You can also add certifications and achievements sections to your resume to show the recruiters you have the skills required to excel as a social media marketer.

Social Media Certifications or Achievements

Your working experience shows your expertise in a specific field. List down related certifications in the work experience section that demonstrate your skills in a particular area.

Certifications are also a great way to build new skills related to your field that recruiters frequently demand in their job postings.

social media marketing resume certifications

Some most noted social media certifications that can be an exceptional addition to your resume are:

Achievements present the unique abilities and dedication that you have shown in your field. List down noticeable social media campaigns or awards you have achieved in the past.

Design For Humans AND Bots

Before you impress the human recruiters, you will have to impress the bot recruiters first. Most big companies use an applicant tracking system to scan and filter out resumes before bringing them to the table.

Add relevant keywords related to your job profile to pass the bot test and reach the hands of the recruiters. Keywords will vary with each job role. It also depends on the employer and their approach. We suggest you research the target audience, marketing approach, website, and social media page to understand the role and create an application that matches the keywords that the ATS might be looking for. But, before you make that mistake, let me warn you: Don’t overdo it and make it look artificial.

Remember, to err is human and that is why you should check your resume multiple times before sending it to the recruiters.

Finishing Touches

Before you send out your resume to the recruiters, take some time to proofread your resume. A silly grammar mistake may leave a bad impression on the recruiter and spoil your chances of getting the job. You can also ask colleagues or friends to check for errors.

Also, remember every job posting is unique. That is why you need to tailor your resume according to the job description. Spend time understanding the required experience, websites, social media profiles, social media marketing campaigns, and other relevant details about the company to create a resume that grabs the hiring manager’s attention.

Below are some important bullet points to remember:

  • Don’t write a lengthy resume. Your resume should not exceed one page unless you’re applying for a C-suite position.
  • Make sure to cover all the standard sections- Professional Summary, Key Skills, Professional Experience, Education, etc.
  • Don’t use very fancy fonts or graphics – keep it simple and professional
  • Keep margins, spacing, font size, etc., checked.
  • Regularly update your social media marketing resume with new details from your career.

Downloadable Resume Template

If you are looking for a social media manager job and want to incorporate everything listed above into your resume, without having to do any of the work, grab our free, downloadable social media manager resume template now and implement all the social media manager resume tips described above.

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Social Media Manager Resume To Get Hired

Create a social media manager resume that will help you land the interview and save time

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