When it comes to marketing, LinkedIn is one of the most underrated social networks out there.

People might think it’s just a place where you go find jobs or hire candidates, but it’s so much more than that.

Over the years, LinkedIn has launched a timeline, groups, and even a robust advertising platform.

This has caused people to spend more time on LinkedIn.

This guide will teach you how to get more views on LinkedIn for your profile or your content.

We put together some of the best walkthroughs and case studies to help you get started.

How I Got 425% More Page Views on LinkedIn—and You Can, Too

In this short case study on The Muse explains a 4-step approach to successfully leverage LinkedIn communities as a distribution channel.

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How I Got 24 Times More Views on LinkedIn

In this case study, a blogger explains a simple tactic he used to get 24x more views on a single LinkedIn post—spoiler alert: he republished it 5 times.

It’s a super simple approach that we didn’t think would work this well.

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How I Easily Got 25% More Views on My LinkedIn Profile

The former VP of Content at Hubspot explains the 8 tricks he used to get more views on his LinkedIn profile.

Fun fact: one of the tricks he tried is actually against LinkedIn terms of service!

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13 Easy LinkedIn Hacks That Will Boost Your Profile Views

This one isn’t so much a case study, but a more holistic strategy to creating a strong LinkedIn profile that attracts followers.

One of the most underestimated elements of a good LinkedIn profile: having a professional-looking photo.

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11 Ways to Hack the LinkedIn Pulse Algorithm

LinkedIn Pulse is a curated timeline of content that LinkedIn thinks is relevant to each of its users. You can think of it as an engine for discovering content.

For you, a marketer, it’s a new channel of distribution with the potential to reach 500+ million LinkedIn users.

This post explains 11 tips to give your content a boost on LinkedIn Pulse.

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How to Increase Your LinkedIn Post Views in a Single Day

In this post, Neil Patel explains the tactics you can use every day to make sure you get as much visibility as possible on each of your LinkedIn posts.

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LinkedIn Profile Checklist To Get Hired Fast in 2021

Get more requests from recruiters and executives with our comprehensive LinkedIn profile checklist, designed to help you grow your professional network.

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