6 Steps to Writing A Winning Digital Marketing Resume Templates

Our step-by-step Digital Marketing Resume Templates will make you shine as a digital marketer.
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Let me know if this sounds familiar.

You are highly skilled at what you do and have what it takes to be an excellent digital marketer.

But you are still struggling to create a job-winning digital marketing resume that gets you hired.

You’re not alone. Most marketers find it hard to sell themselves. Without a well-optimized resume that attracts recruiters, you are missing out on many opportunities.

Before any company can trust you to market their business, you need to sell your skills and expertise first.

If your current resume is not getting you anywhere, don’t worry!

We will share 6 helpful tips with digital marketing resume templates you can use to create a professional resume to land your dream job.

Know Your Target Audience

When you start your digital marketing campaign, the first step is to know who you want to reach. The same applies when you’re writing your resume. Knowing whom you want to work for makes it easier to tailor your resume.

Build a picture of your dream company and then target your audience. This will help you think like an employer and give you an idea of what skills or traits to highlight and how to showcase them.

Write a Catchy Resume Header

When a recruiter skims through a stack of resumes, the heading is the first thing they will notice. A digital marketer must include a digital marketing summary that gives recruiters all the information they need to know about you.

Don’t just put your name and contact information there. Mention your job title, one or two certifications, top skills, and top it off with the main purpose of your current role.

In this section, you don’t need to mention trivial achievements, you can share only significant ones.

Optimize For Tracking System

If you’re applying for a company with 100+ employees, the recruiter is more likely to use an applicant tracking system to scan your resume for relevant keywords.

If the tracker passes your resume, the recruiter gets your resume, or no one will ever see it. That’s why it is important to include all the right keywords.

A secret tip- add words and phrases directly from the job description to tailor your resume to a specific job.

Quantify Your Digital Marketing Experience

Rather than listing your past experiences and achievements, show recruiters what results you got.

Be specific about what you did and what was achieved. Avoid too many rounded figures, even if they are true, because exact numbers sound better and more realistic.

resume experience

For example, if you say you increased web traffic by 40% and online sales by 30%, it sounds impressive. But what sounds better is web traffic went up 39%, and sales increased by 31% because this sounds realistic.

Also, make sure you build a coherent cause-effect relationship in each bullet point. By doing this, the hiring manager will not only know your achievement but also what you did to achieve it.

Showcase Your Digital Marketing Skills

Don’t use words like hardworking, communication ability, team player, or mention too many soft skills.

Put more emphasis on hard skills like:

  • PPC Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

If you know how to use marketing tools, you can mention that as well.

Proofread and Things To Remember

Before you send your resume to recruiters, be patient enough and proofread your resume as many times as possible.

You do not want your chances of getting the job ruined by a typo or silly grammar in the resume. You can also get your resume proofread by colleagues or peers to check for errors if any.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Don’t write a lengthy resume. Your resume should not exceed one page unless you have more than 10 years of experience.
  • Make sure to cover all the standard resume sections – Professional Summary, Key Skills, Professional Work Experience, Education section, etc.
  • Don’t use very fancy fonts and keep margins, spacing, font size, etc., checked.

That’s it. We hope you found our tips useful and that you’re ready to write a winning digital marketing resume.

You can now present your resume in a well-defined and appealing way to attract recruiters and get the digital marketing job you have been eyeing for!

Also, don’t forget to download our digital marketing resume template to craft and structure the perfect resume that gets you hired right away.

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6 Steps to Writing A Winning Digital Marketing Resume Templates

Our step-by-step Digital Marketing Resume Templates will make you shine as a digital marketer.

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