20-Point PPC Audit Checklist You Need

Download your detailed PPC audit checklist to cover all the essential tasks of a successful ad campaign.
PPC Account Audit Checklist
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Do you want to know if your PPC campaigns are paying off?

To figure out what’s working and what’s not, you’ll need to audit every component of your PPC campaign.

You’ll learn how you’re utilizing PPC and how to enhance the success of your ad campaign by doing a PPC audit of your Google Ads account (formerly known as Google Adwords).

While auditing your PPC campaign, you may overlook some essential tasks. We’ve designed a detailed PPC audit checklist to assist you and ensure that you don’t miss anything.

You can download our comprehensive 20-point PPC audits checklist at the end of this article. But before you start auditing your PPC campaign, understand how to use this checklist.

How To Use The PPC Audit Checklist

We designed a customized version of the checklist that you can tailor to your business or client’s needs.

This Google spreadsheet checklist includes Google Ads account settings, keywords, ad monitoring, and other critical aspects to examine during a PPC audit.

Google Ads Data Quality and Volume

The first step is to double-check that you have sufficient KPIs for the audit. To make it easier to evaluate, you can export data from Google Ads to a spreadsheet.

It is critical to ensure that your data is as accurate as possible while performing an audit, make sure your Google Ads tracking code is installed correctly on your website. Use the Google Tag Assistant Chrome extension to check that your pixel and conversion tags are tracking accurately.

Keywords Performance

Examine the results of your keywords since selecting the appropriate term may help you reach the right audience and save you hundreds of dollars in wasted advertising.

Avoid negative and conflicting keywords if they block the impression of any of your profitable keywords, but also make sure you add any negative keywords that might be eating into your bottom line.

Ad Settings

Optimize your ads to reach more audience segments and increase your click-through rate. Analyze your Ad Budget, Ad groups, and Ad guidelines for the following reasons:

  • Ad Budget: To make sure you have a sufficient budget for your ad campaign.
  • Ad Rotation Settings: To rotate between your ads
  • Ad Extension: To make sure you’re using them appropriately
  • Ad Groups: To verify that your ad groups have active ads
  • Ad Guidelines: To check if your ads follow ad guidelines.

Audience Targeting

Analyze which audience segments you’re targeting both for cold and warm traffic. Check the demographics and geographical targeting criteria and make sure it fits your goals.

Landing Page Optimization

Your landing page must provide all necessary information to the visitors. Make your landing page compelling and fast loading to retain audience attention.

Quality Score

Check the quality score of your keywords and ads. A low QS can seriously increase your advertising costs.

Bounce Rate and Session Duration

Evaluate bounce rates and session durations to understand how much time your targeted audience spends on your landing page.

Remarketing Campaigns

Check to see if your remarketing lists are generating visitors, and double-check any remarketing lists you’ve set up.

Ad Settings

Choose between conventional and aggressive ad distribution techniques based on your requirements, location/language targeting, and ad scheduling.

Account Activity

Increase the amount of time you spend on your PPC account. PPC success is higher for those who devote more time to their accounts.


Analyze your high-level advertising KPIs to get a bird’s eye perspective of your whole ad account.

These are the items on your audit checklist that you must include to comprehensively analyze your PPC campaign.

To thoroughly assess your PPC campaign, use our free, quick, and easy PPC audit checklist.

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20-Point PPC Audit Checklist You Need

Download your detailed PPC audit checklist to cover all the essential tasks of a successful ad campaign.

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