Why is a welcome email template important?

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re clicking around on a company’s website, you read a blog post you like, so you give them your email address to get more information.

Then over the next few days you’re incessantly bombarded with emails about sales, webinars, “MUST READ ARTICLE” in every other subject line, and the spam will not end until you navigate through their labyrinth to unsubscribe.

Now imagine that somebody is thinking this about your welcome emails. To avoid putting off any prospective customers, use our free welcome email template to create a simple welcome email that retains subscribers.

What’s in this template?

Our welcome email template gives a solid structure to customize for your company. It gives a fill in the blank template that includes:

  • How to structure your welcome email
  • How long to make your message
  • What information to put in a welcome email

How should you use this template?

If you want to try a new welcome email format and keep it simple for your subscribers, just follow these steps to use our template:

  1. Make sure you have your website set up and you have a place for new subscribers to give you their email address.
  2. Log into your email service provider like Mailchimp or ConvertKit and design your welcome email.
  3. Make sure it is triggered only when people first give their email address.
  4. Connect your website with your email service provider and test it out to make sure your welcome email is working properly.

Welcome Email Template

Need to make a great first impression on new subscribers? Create a simple and effective welcome email using our refreshing new template

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