Why should you use this email marketing checklist?

Let me know if this one sounds familiar…

You put so much time and effort into some awesome emails. You get the wording in your email content just right, you have the perfect subject line, you put in all the links you want included, you picked out the perfect funny GIFs, and it fits perfectly into your marketing strategy. You have everything set up to finally launch your email marketing campaign. All the work is done, all that’s left to do is hit send.

But you have that lingering voice in the back of your head, reminding you of all the ways it could go wrong.

  • What if the link to my landing page is broken?
  • Will my subscribers be able to see it on their mobile devices?
  • Did I make a dumb grammar mistake?
  • What if somebody in my email list unsubscribes because of an error?

We’ve all been there. So instead of losing all our sleep every night, worried about the money we might lose over a stupid mistake, we’ve developed a simple step by step checklist that you can now use to prevent all these errors and the send the best email you possibly can — and it takes less than 10 minutes to check.

What’s in this email marketing checklist?

With this checklist, you can easily spot and fix the most common mistakes in email campaigns. A few benefits from using our checklist are:

  • Using an automated tool to check and fix dumb typos and grammatical errors
  • Check how your email will look in the most popular desktop and mobile email clients
  • Catch any broken links before your campaign is sent to your email list

How should you use this email marketing checklist?

1. Write your emails, make sure they have all the content and assets you want like any GIFs or URLs you want to include.

2. Upload your email to your email service provider like MailChimp, ConvertKit, or Active Campaign.

3. Before you send your campaign, go through the steps on this checklist. In less than 10 minutes you’ll be done.

4. Once you’ve checked off every step on the list, your campaign will be clear of 99% of errors and ready to send to your subscribers!

More about email marketing strategy…

This checklist is about making sure your emails are pristine and have no obvious mistakes. It will produce grammar error free email content, but there are some other things email marketers should consider when sending out their email campaigns, like having a CTA or call to action, making sure you’re tracking key metrics, creating the perfect email subject line, and heck, why not throw your social media links in your emails?

The point is, you don’t have to stop there, there is always more to add to make the best email. Try some of our other email marketing resources to double down on your marketing efforts and boost your lead generation.

Email Marketing Checklist

A simple, 3-step email marketing checklist to massively increase your open rates, eliminate errors and get your customers out of their inbox and onto your site.

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