Why is content strategy important?

What does content marketing actually mean? I’m not going to bore you with a dissertation on the theory of content marketing, but it’s a flexible definition.

Content marketing can take many different forms from articles to Youtube videos to webinars to any other kind of content you’re giving to your audience to draw them in. The point is that it can be tough to execute because of the variation in the field. Most marketers spend time randomly creating content, only for it to be disjointed or not achieve their overall goals.

To be a successful content marketer, you have to have a clear plan and execute that plan. Because of the many forms content takes this can be tricky, but if you plan ahead and have a content strategy, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing.

Take our free content strategy template and plan out entire content marketing campaigns for free.

What’s in this template?

This template is a guide to help you go from content chaos to a clear plan. There are several sheets in the template, including:

  • A “target persona” sheet to pinpoint your exact audience
  • A sheet to figure out how content marketing fits into your overall business plan
  • Our entire 20+ page content marketing strategy guide

How should you use this template?

There are several use cases for this template, but the goal is the same – figure out what content you’re going to make and who you’re making it for. As a general guide, use these steps below:

  1. Fill out the target persona sheet
  2. Do your keyword research! This is incredibly important, and it will help you know exactly what you should be writing about in your content
  3. Use the strategy worksheet and campaign ideas worksheet to plan your campaigns
  4. Go through the content strategy guide to capitalize on other opportunities to improve your content marketing strategy

Content Strategy Template

The comprehensive content strategy template to create laser focused content marketing campaigns that your audience will love

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