Why is a case study template important?

It’s not news to anybody that scammers thrive on the internet. There are a ton of people out there just trying to get the last dollar out of your pocket, so naturally potential customers are skeptical of anybody trying to sell you something.

This is a huge problem for marketers. How do you gain trust when people aren’t familiar with your work? One great solution is case studies. You simply show future customers the work you have already done. So you go to write a case study, but you realize you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. You probably have a bunch of questions:

  • How should I format a case study?
  • What will get readers of this case study to become customers?
  • Which project should I show in a case study?

A case study can be a powerful tool for gaining trust from customers, so it’s important to do it right. That’s why we created a free case study template you can use to get started on your case study right now.

What’s in this case study template?

A case study can include a variety of different things, and it all depends on what will communicate your thoughts most effectively. To do this, we have included a template with sections like this:

  • Making clear what your objectives are
  • Telling the story of your case study so people enjoy hearing about it
  • Showing that you have achieved your objectives for former clients

How should you use this template?

Using this template is ideal if you want to showcase a great example of your skills and success from the past to new or prospective customers. Get started with these steps:

  1. Choose which project you want to showcase – you probably have several great candidates for a compelling case study
  2. Use this template to create a structure for your case study
  3. Write your case study

Case Study Template

Showcase your company's success through engaging case studies by using our free case study template

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