I don’t know about you but my eyelids used to instantly drop whenever I heard somebody mention case studies. It sounded like something from high school science class – not something you want to read, but something you have to read. So when I sat down to write one, I wondered how I could possibly make this interesting. If you’re anything like me, you probably had some of these some worries:

  • What do I include in a case study?
  • Will people even want to read this?
  • What’s the right tone for a case study?

All you need to alleviate your worries is a simple case study template to make sure you can say what you need to say. Some more good news – you don’t have to worry about how to create a case study template – we’ve got one here ready to use right now.

What’s in this case study template?

A case study can include a variety of different things, and it all depends on what will communicate your thoughts most effectively. To do this, we have included a template with sections like this:

  • Making clear what your objectives are
  • Telling the story of your case study so people enjoy hearing about it
  • Showing that you have achieved your objectives

How should you use this template?

Using this template is ideal if you want to showcase a great example of your skills and impress clients, bosses, or colleagues with your experience.

  1. Complete the project that you hav in mind for the case study
  2. Choose which project you want to showcase, you may have several great candidates for a compelling case study
  3. Use this template to create a structure for your case study
  4. Write your case study

Case Study Template

Feel confident about the structure and content of your case studies by using our free case study template to make your case studies worth reading

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