Writing is easy – when nobody can see it. But when you’re actually writing for an audience there can be a lot on the line, which means a lot of pressure. You might have an incredible post with a great idea, executed perfectly, but there’s always the chance that you missed some small things that can get lost in the shuffle when you focus on writing, like:

  • Is my post optimized for Google?
  • What if there’s a dumb typo?
  • What if this doesn’t create any leads?

To make sure your blog post is just right before you click publish, use our blog post checklist and eliminate errors from your posts.

What’s in this checklist?

To create a perfect blog post that people will find, read, and leave wanting more is tough to say the least. To make sure you’re making an effective blog post, we have included a section on your content itself and other details, and a section on SEO. We’ve made sure to include elements for your content and SEO, like:

  • Optimizing title tags and meta descriptions
  • Getting the right images and optimizing them
  • How to make sure your posts can create leads and sales

How should you use this checklist?

Our blog post checklist is simple and ready to use right now. Just follow three steps to have error-free blog posts.

  1. Create your post, write it, and put in all your images or any other media
  2. Run through our checklist to make sure you have everything you need for an effective post
  3. Publish and repeat whenever you write a new post

Blog Post Checklist

Need a little peace of mind before hitting publish? Use our blog post checklist to make sure you're taking care of everything you need in a blog post

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