Why is a blog post template important?

“There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.” – Terry Pratchett (Deepest apologies to all the Californians reading this).

Whether “writer’s block” is real or not, the reality is, when we’re blogging sometimes all of us bloggers need that little extra push to finally get us off our asses and actually start writing. If you’re a blogger, you probably have ideas for blog content running around your head all day.

The problem isn’t a lack of ideas for blog content – it’s probably just structure, or the lack of it. You can have a killer idea with great images, design, formatting, and an infographic, but you still just don’t know where to start. A simple blog post outline can be incredibly effective here. You might produce great content, but when you’re writing a blog post, it’s easy to just open up WordPress and stare at the empty text box with a million worries convincing you that you can’t actually start blogging yet.

  • Where do I start?
  • Is my headline good?
  • Will the blog content be found by a search engine?
  • How do I make this blog post SEO friendly?
  • Will it be good enough to share on social media?
  • Does this even fit into my content marketing strategy?

If you’ve ever sat there, staring at your computer screen, rewriting your first sentence over and over, paralyzed with content creation indecision (or checking Facebook every five minutes) do not worry. Our free blog post template has you covered. Whether you’re writing a simple piece of content or a massive article, this blog post template helps you to sort out your worries gives you a step by step process to get blogging!

What’s in this blog post template?

Content marketing can be slow going, even for seasoned bloggers. To speed up the process we have an easy to follow, step by step structure for any blog post to help you figure out:

  • Who you’re writing for
  • How to engage your readers
  • How to structure your post from heading all the way to conclusion

and make sure you are communicating effectively with your audience in an SEO friendly way.

How should you use this blog post template?

Don’t wait until you’re already frustratedly staring at your computer screen, any time you’re about to write a post, whip out this blog post template and go step by step:

  1. Fill out the first part of the template to get a general outline of your post
  2. Write the blog post! Make sure you’re including everything you need (links, pictures or an infographic to break up the text, etc.)
  3. Use the checklist to edit and make sure you’re maximizing the post’s potential
  4. You’re ready to go! Smash that publish button!
  5. Share it on social media to get the ball rolling. This lets people share it (duh) but also helps to get it indexed so a search engine can find it.

Beyond this blog post template…

This is a great free blog post template to get started and publish great content, but it doesn’t end here. Content marketing is a huge topic and deserves more attention than our simple intro here.

You want to make sure that your posts actually show up in a search engine, not just sit around in WordPress, so you want to be familiar with SEO best practices. You’ll also want to make sure your content is in the public eye, which is where social media can also be helpful.

Content marketing can seem boring which is why marketers like to talk about the sexy get rich quick stuff, but they don’t show you the hard work behind content creation that’s necessary to succeed.

To dive deeper into the hard work of the writing process, check out our other content marketing resources beyond our free blog post template.

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