Why is a blog post template important?

On just about any company website, one thing you can count on seeing is a blog page. It seems like everybody everywhere is constantly writing blog posts. In fact, there are over 4 million blog posts published every day.

The odds are good that your competitors are also pumping out blog content every day, so it’s important that your posts also have great content and can rank above theirs.

If you’re having trouble put together great blog content, a template can be very helpful. That’s why we created a free blog post template to help you structure your posts and make sure they are SEO friendly when you write them.

What’s in this blog post template?

Our blog post template gives you help making sure everything about your post is good to go. We have sections to sort out your headline, content, SEO, and a step by step structure for any blog post to help you figure out:

  • Who you’re writing for
  • How to engage your readers
  • How to structure your post from heading all the way to conclusion

How should you use this blog post template?

Any time you’re about to write a blog post, get out the blog post template and go step by step:

  1. Fill out the first part of the template to get a general outline of your post
  2. Write the blog post! Make sure you’re including everything you need (links, pictures or an infographic to break up the text, etc.)
  3. Use the checklist to edit and make sure you’re maximizing the post’s potential
  4. Publish!

Blog Post Template

Drive more traffic to your pages and increase conversion rates with the ClickMinded blog post template

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