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I bet something like this has happened to you:

  1. You read a post about the SEO trends to look out for this year
  2. The post suggests that you should check your site for technical errors
  3. You decide to perform an SEO audit of your site, but when you’re supposed to start, you’re more like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Swap “SEO” for email marketing, social media, or whatever other digital marketing channels—and that’s how most of the digital marketing content out there works.

That’s because most of the digital marketing content you’ll find online is not designed to help you grow your business

…it’s just designed to get your attention.

In many ways, reading digital marketing blogs is no different from browsing Instagram or watching any of the 8 shows about the Kardashians.

Most digital marketing content is just cheap entertainment disguised as information.

This was a huge problem for us when we were growing our business—most of the stuff we read online was super generic or vague.

No one was sharing what we really wanted to learn: the nitty-gritty details of how to perform tasks and build processes that actually help you build and grow a business.

So we decided to do something about it.

We have spent hundreds of hours creating documents, walkthroughs, and templates to run complex digital marketing campaigns for our business.

These are our Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs.

SOPs are EXTREMELY DETAILED instructions that anyone can follow to perform a specific task with 99% accuracy.

  • Want to hire a VA to run a link building campaign for your new blog? There’s an SOP for that.
  • Need to implement events to track button clicks on your site? There’s an SOP for that.
  • Wondering how to launch A/B test on your sales pages? There’s an SOP for that.

We create SOPs for everything in ClickMinded’s day-to-day operations. From small tasks that take a few minutes, to complex processes that have dozens of steps.

SOPs allow us to operate large and complex campaigns (like launching a product or creating six online courses simultaneously) without overlooking important steps—which leads us to drastically reduce the number of mistakes we make and increase the effectiveness of our marketing strategy.

We quickly realized this is EXACTLY what we wished we had just a few months earlier.

Introducing the ClickMinded SOP Library

With the ClickMinded Digital Marketing SOP Library, you will be able to grow ANY business faster than ever:

Save time and money

Don't spend time and resources figuring out technical details. Combine your strategy with our SOPs to launch your campaigns and get results in record time.

Upgrade your skills

Don't have technical experience? No problem. Our SOPs are designed to work for any skill level so you can easily tackle complex technical problems.

Train employees or clients

Not everyone speaks the same language or has the same level of skill. SOPs allow you to significantly reduce time to onboard new employees and clients.

Scale your business

As your business grows, you can use SOPs to easily delegate complex tasks to virtual assistants so you and your team can focus on what really matters.

Increase client retention

Whitelabel our SOPs and share them with your clients to instantly increase the value you provide—and charge more for your services.

Supercharge processes

Everyone knows they need to document but it's the last thing they want to do. Use our SOPs to kickstart or grow your internal documents and processes.

The SOP Library has saved us tons of time with its simple, step-by-step processes to follow.

The SOPs are so streamlined, I can literally just hand them off and have whoever execute it.

Our traffic increased by 26% in ONE month after implementing the SOPs.

Laurence Bradford Owner - Learntocodewith.me

As a one man agency, I used them to fill a lot of gaps in my own SOP's for assistants and contractors. Though my main use, and what attracted me to sign up, was learning new skills that other blog posts just didnt cover in enough detail. ClickMinded SOP's are like blog posts on steroids! Really useful and unique product. Keep up the good work!

Zach Toth Founder

I run a digital marketing agency team and we are absolutely going to utilize the Clickminded SOP library and numerous guides.

I've been in digital marketing over a decade with a Master's degree and no one has broken down these topics in as clear and well-organized way as Tommy and his team. I highly recommend any digital marketing manager review the ClickMinded guides and consider using their SOP library, no matter how experienced they are.

Mike Kennedy Owner, Stikky Media

Before discovering the ClickMinded SOP library, our agency was struggling to build internal processes. We wanted to systematize everything, but found the task daunting. With the SOP library, not only were we able to model how ClickMinded did things, but we learned a much better way to manage our system. Even better, we realized there were more efficient ways of doing things than we had been doing them.

Tim Berry CEO, President, & Founder

I can't even tell you how often I go back to the ClickMinded course and SOP library. As a consultant, I haven't come across a better resource (not that I'm really looking anymore) to learn from and refresh my skills. I don't even try to take credit for the checklists (SOPs) I share with my clients - they're just that good.

Tammer Mahdy Content Marketing Consultant

Here's what's inside the SOP Library

Get all the resources you need to flawlessly execute powerful digital marketing tactics with 99% accuracy.

Detailed step-by-step-instructions

  • Over-the-shoulder walkthroughs every step of the way, including easy-to-follow screenshots and gifs.
  • Easily download and edit to add your own brand to implement on your business or share with clients.

Professional templates and tools

  • The exact templates we use to run and keep track of all of our campaigns.
  • Easy to brand and customize to fit your needs and share with clients.

Take a look inside one of our SOPs.

Here's a list of SOPs & templates available

We have more than 70 SOPs published to date (and adding more every month!) Last updated:

Perform an On-Page Optimization Audit on an existing page

Execute a comprehensive SEO audit on any webpage within any site that clearly defines what’s working, what’s not, and action steps on what to work on first.

Keyword research / Keyword Mapping

Find and group keywords that people are looking for within your niche, and create a comprehensive keyword strategy that dominates search engines.

Launching a Guest-Blogging Link-Building Campaign

Easily find guest blogging opportunities, reach out, and create content to acquire high-quality backlinks that will help you outrank the competition.

Create an On-Page optimized blog post

Optimize each page and blog post on your website to be easily found on search engines.

Launching an Infographic Link Building Campaign

Find guestographic (infographic guest posts) opportunities, and effortlessly reach out to the respective site owners or editors to build high-quality, not spammy, contextual backlinks to your site.

Setting up Google Search Console

Perfectly set up Google Search Console for the first time, and to connect it with the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

Youtube Video Optimization

Optimize video content on YouTube, so that users find it easily when searching for the type of information you provide.

Resources Page Link-Building Outreach

A highly efficient and successful method to enrich your backlink profile by massively reaching out to resource pages in your niche.

How to perform a URL audit on your site

Increase your search engine rankings by knowing which of your pages need to be indexed, deindexed, redirected or canonicalized, as well as how to perform each of these actions.

Create an automated search query report

Automatically export Search Console data into a Google Sheet which is easier to analyze and allows you to back up your data beyond 90 days.

Find On-Page optimization opportunities on a website

Easily determine the most important pages in your site, so that you get the highest ROI on the time you spend optimizing your site.

Migrating an existing WordPress website towards SEO-friendly URLs

Migrate an existing non-SEO friendly URL structure on a WordPress website to an SEO-friendly one, while mitigating any potential damage and rank your site better.

How to Implement and verify a 301 Redirect on a WordPress website

Implement and test 301 redirects on your Wordpress website and get rid of 404 errors or old content that is not relevant anymore.

How to Setup and Optimize an XML Sitemap

Set up your sitemap for the first time, or audit your existing one to contain your core URLs and be properly configured to be perfectly crawlable by search engines.

How to Setup the Perfect Robots.txt File

Create or optimize your robots.txt file and allow search engines to index your website exactly as you want them to.

How to launch a link building campaign for your existing content

Find link opportunities by reverse-engineering links to competing websites, and reach out to the respective site owners and/or editors.

Adding Google Analytics to a site (using GTM)

Perfectly add Google Analytics to a site to measure website data and gather visitor insights, using Google Tag Manager and verify that it is working properly.

Excluding own traffic from Google Analytics

Exclude all traffic that is generated by you, or your employees/contractors to keep your data clean and as accurate as possible.

Setting up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics

Perfectly track leads, pageviews, button clicks, signups, purchases or any other event, using Google Analytics, and audit it to make sure that it is working as intended.

Verifying that you’re tracking subdomains correctly in GA

Audit, and fix the most common issues that affect websites doing subdomain tracking and make sure your Google Analytics setup is correctly configured.

Displaying subdomains in your Google Analytics Reports

Set up a hostname filter in Google Analytics that will add your page’s subdomain information to your reports to easily and accurately analyze your traffic and distinguish different subdomains.

Setting up cross-domain tracking with GTM

Correctly collect all the traffic data that comes to the domains that are under your control and analyze how users interact across them in Google Analytics.

Adding Google Analytics Annotations to keep track of business events

Add an annotation to Google Analytics and ensure that you have a solid log of what happened in your business and when, allowing you to better interpret the data.

Implementing and Analyzing Heatmaps on your Website

Easily record, log and analyze heatmaps and incorporate them on your analytics strategy to learn more about your user’s on-page behavior across your site.

How to add Google Analytics to a Shopify Store

Add Google Analytics to a Shopify store or verify that it is working properly. Understand how your visitors are behaving inside your website.

How to create awesome blog posts outlines

Create high-quality content that attracts users to your website, provides them the information they need, and converts them into customers.

Start and manage your editorial calendar

Creating and manage an editorial calendar to better plan and coordinate your team’s content marketing efforts.

How to create editorial guidelines for guest bloggers

Set up a clear set of editorial guidelines guest bloggers can follow when they want to submit articles to your site.

Basic Email Testing

Simple, repeatable steps to verify that new email campaigns are sent without obvious errors, its content is displayed properly, and it has no broken links.

Set up an amazing welcome email with MailChimp

Create an engaging welcome email in MailChimp that will be sent automatically to your new email subscribers.

Grow your email list with a content upgrade popup

Easily promote your content upgrade (lead magnet) on your site using an unintrusive popup that grows your email list on auto-pilot.

Sending bulk outreach emails with Gmail

Set up a system that will allow you to send bulk outreach emails directly from your Gmail and easily send customized emails to multiple addresses.

Creating an email address with your own domain name

Create an email address with your own domain name and contact clients and partners using a professional, branded email address.

Add Google Tag Manager to a Wordpress Site

How to properly deploy Google Tag Manager, a great tool to add and manage multiple pixels and tracking codes without the needing to edit the code of a site.

Initial WordPress Setup

Perform initial setup of your new WordPress.org site in an SEO-friendly way and ensure that pages are correctly indexed, understood, and displayed on search engines.

Install Sumo in any site using GTM

Unlock a whole new set of marketing tools by installing Sumo on your website using Google Tag Manager, and grow your email list and revenue.

Getting started with team password management

Set up a reliable tool for managing and sharing secure passwords among your entire team and be able to create different passwords for each account effortlessly and securely.

How to backup and restore your WordPress website

Successfully implement a backup solution for your website that allows you to always have a backup on hand, and recover from possible errors.

How to Optimize WordPress to Speed Up your Website

Optimize your current WordPress setup and content for faster page load times.

How to manage user access for Google Analytics 360 Products and Google Search Console

Properly and securely assign and revoke employees, freelancers, and partners access to your Google Products and have full control over who has access to what.

How to add Google Tag Manager to a Shopify Store

Add Google Tag Manager to a Shopify store and unlock a whole new world of tools and features to power up your Shopify Store.

How to add Google Tag Manager to a Squarespace Website

Add Google Tag Manager to a Squarespace website and unlock a whole new world of tools and features to power up your website.

How to Create a Leadgen Landing Page

Create a high-converting, fully functional, and tested landing page for your lead generation campaigns that grow your email subscribers, works on all devices, and integrates with your analytics platforms.

How to Setup Google Optimize to run A/B tests on your Website

Successfully install Google Optimize on any website, which will allow you to start A/B testing to make careful data-driven changes to your user experience.

How to Structure, Run, and Analyze an A/B Test on your Website

Flawlessly plan, execute and analyze an A/B test on your website and determine whether a variant should be implemented definitively on your website or not, based on actual data.

How to prioritize your funnel initiatives

Create a clear roadmap for growth by determining which experiments to tackle first and which ones to abandon or leave for later.

How to create social posts from a blog post

Bring more visitors to your blog posts and publish better content on your social media accounts.

Add social sharing links to your site

Easily add social sharing buttons to any website, so that your website visitors are able to easily share your content on their social channels.

Automate sharing your latest Wordpress blog on social media

Set up an automated process of sharing your newly published Wordpress blog posts on your social media accounts, this will save you time and keep your audience engaged.

How to get traffic from Quora

Draw consistent qualified traffic, leads, and email subscribers to your website and business from Quora.

Performing a social media audit

Analyze your and your competitors’ social media profiles, strategies, and performance and gain a better understanding of what’s working and what's not on your social media profiles.

Starting a social media calendar

Create a social media calendar to help you plan and track your business’ social media activity and never again ask "Hey guys, what goes on Facebook today?"

How to Setup a Social Listening Campaign

Set up a social listening campaign that will identify, categorize and operationalize the way your company deals with social mentions in the most effective way.

SEO Audit Worksheet

A comprehensive 23 step worksheet to audit any page on your website that goes through on-page, off-page, and technical optimization.

UTM Builder Template

Effortlessly track how your marketing efforts are performing by using this personalizable automated UTM Generator and start using UTMs in seconds.

Popular Content Analysis Worksheet

A simple template that will allow you to quickly analyze your competitors content at a glance, using specific measurable metrics.

The Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Flowchart

An extremely easy to follow flowchart that will quickly lead you to the most efficient and accurate way of tracking your Google Analytics goals.

Social Media Distribution Worksheet

A template that allows you to streamline and schedule your content's social media distribution.

Editorial Calendar Planner

A simple template that will allow you to strategically plan and brainstorm your content initiatives across your organization and make sure they remain relevant and are delivered on time.

Social Media Audit Worksheet

This auditing worksheet will allow you to gain a better understanding of what’s working on your or your competitors' social media profiles.

Social Media Calendar Template

Create a bulletproof social media calendar for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest and never worry about what to post on any given day.

Landing Page Creation Brief Template

Use this detailed template to request new landing pages from your designers. When they're done, go through the included 24-step checklist to make sure that it's ready to go.

Scrollmap & Clickmap Insights Log

Start using this template whenever you're collecting new scrollmaps or clickmaps and build a massive library of knowledge that is accessible at a glance.

Clickmap & Scrollmap Diagnosis Cheat Sheet

This cheatsheet will turn you into an overnight expert that easily identifies UI/UX issues that are identifiable through clickmaps or scrollmaps.

Editorial Guidelines for Guest Bloggers Template

Use this template to create comprehensive editorial guidelines for guest bloggers that want to contribute to your website.

Sitemap Designer Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will let you flawlessly design how your sitemap should look like, and make sure you don't miss any important details that could lead to subpar indexing.

A/B Test Documentation Spreadsheet

Start using this spreadsheet to create a massive knowledge library that collects and shares the results of all the tests that you've been running on your business.

Google Ads Manager Account Structure Design Tool

Tweak this visual template to design and share the perfect structure to manage user access for your Google Ads accounts.

Facebook Ads Campaign Planner

Plan how your Facebook Ads campaign will look like, afterward send it to someone to implement it in Ads Manager for you (or do it yourself.)

Facebook Ads Account Structure Design Tool

Edit this visual template to perfectly design a complete blueprint of how your Facebook Ad Account will look like.

Growth Strategy Template

Use this template to easily determine which growth experiments to tackle first and which ones to abandon or leave for later.

Facebook Ads Naming Convention Generator

Massively transform the way you do Facebook Ads, by generating smart names for your ads and open up the door to a whole new world of strategies and reports.

Visual Funnel Designer Tool

Use this tool to sketch out your perfect funnel on the fly, using a set of done-for-you elements and easily bring your marketing campaigns to life.

The SOP Library is always growing and improving.

Last updated:

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  • Analytics & Tracking SOPs
  • Content Marketing SOPs
  • Email Marketing SOPs
  • Sales Funnels SOPs
  • Operations SOPs
  • Paid Advertising SOPs
  • SEO SOPs
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This is the most comprehensive digital marketing library out there.

World-class digital marketing SOPs, designed to teach you exactly what you need to know, and help you execute as quickly as possible.

The SOP Library


Digital Marketing Nerds, ClickMinded

We have created one of the most complete digital marketing tactics libraries out there.

An SOP (standard operating procedure) is a comprehensive, fail-proof checklist, designed to help you or your team execute powerful digital marketing tactics with laser-precision, and grow your business fast.

  • Social Media SOPs
  • Content Marketing SOPs
  • Email Marketing SOPs
  • Paid Ads SOPs
  • Funnel SOPs
  • Google Analytics SOPs
  • SEO SOPs
  • Digital Marketing SOPs
  • And more…

Who's a good fit for ClickMinded?

We're not for everyone. Here's who should (and shouldn't) enroll.

Who Should Enroll

  • You want access to digital marketing SOPs that cover everything there is to know.
  • You want free updates for as long as you're enrolled, because things change all the time.
  • You want to save time and easily train new employees or new members of your team.
  • You want more sales by scaling your business with iron-clad SOPs.
  • You have clients that are asking how they can execute specific tasks on their own.
  • You want to join the 8,000+ other businesses using ClickMinded to learn digital marketing.

Who Should Not Enroll

  • You have time to create digital marketing SOPs yourself through trial and error.
  • You like keeping up with changes in digital marketing and updating SOPs on your own.
  • You already have a process to train employees and team mates digital marketing.
  • You don't want more sales by scaling your business with iron-clad SOPs (oh come on).
  • You don't have clients that are asking how they can execute specific tasks on their own.
  • Screw everyone else! You don't need nothin' from nobody and can do it yourself.

Questions You Probably Have

Here are the answers to the questions we get every single day.

ClickMinded is a series of digital marketing courses. It includes 7 comprehensive classes on digital marketing, as well as a collection of digital marketing templates called the SOP library.

It's designed to teach you how to massively increase traffic and sales for any website as quickly as possible.

If you're brand new to digital marketing and not sure where to begin, our world-famous SEO checklist is a great place to start, as well as our retro-inspired, 8-bit SEO strategy guide.

Entry level to intermediate comprehension.

ClickMinded was initially designed to onboard newly hired designers, data scientists and engineers working on search engine optimization at PayPal and Airbnb.

It's since evolved into a more comprehensive digital marketing training platform. While our focus is on startups and individuals with an entry level to intermediate understanding of online marketing, even experts will find most of the content extremely helpful.

The courses and step-by-step walkthroughs are split up in a way so that the introductory content can be easily skipped if needed.

Each course ranges from 3-6 hours long, and they've been cut up into small, digestible and organized segments, so that you can easily refer back to specific lessons when you have questions.

Extremely actionable. After having our friends and colleagues take all 7 courses, the most frequent comment we heard was “This is great… but how do I get started?”.

That’s why we added comprehensive campaign walkthroughs throughout each of the courses. It’s pure video screen capture, and contains the exact strategies that we use every day.

Yes. The platform is 100% responsive and works on all mobile and tablet devices.

Probably. Most ClickMinded students expense it for work or for their business.

No accountants or CPAs were involved in the making of this advice, so be sure to check with yours first.

With that said, if you're trying to increase website traffic and sales for your business, this is probably a relevant business expense.

You can attend at any time.

ClickMinded is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The course includes unlimited lifetime access as well. Once you enroll, you'll never lose access to the content, and can refer back to it as much as you'd like.

None. You can learn everything in these courses through other people’s blog posts, forums and your own trial-and-error.

There is absolutely nothing secret here and you can absolutely teach yourself digital marketing and learn it all on your own.

ClickMinded is designed to make learning digital marketing easier and faster.

We've made it as easy and fast to learn as possible, but we won’t be teaching you anything you can’t learn on your own with enough time invested.

All courses includes a 14-day money back guarantee.

All courses includes unlimited lifetime access and free updates for life.

Yes. Anytime we push out an update to a course, that's included. For free. You'll get that automatically. Forever.

Actually, this happens all the time. That's why each course includes unlimited lifetime access, and free updates for life. If there is a change, you'll hear about it. And it's included in the course for free.

Each course includes a certification. Finish the course, pass the final exam and you'll earn your certification.


Certification is not required for this industry. The best people in the game don't have certifications, and for many people, you simply don't need one.

With that said, some people like to show future recruiters and clients that they (or their staff) have taken and earned a certification.

We've also received feedback that many employers won't expense the training without some type of evidence the student has completed the course. We got so many requests from our users for this, that we decided to add it.

Massively grow any business with digital marketing SOPs.

Subscribe to the SOP Library and get massive savings when you enroll in longer plans.

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The most comprehensive digital marketing library
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  • 50% Off When You Enroll For 6 Months
  • Full Access to the SOP Library
  • Free Updates While Enrolled
  • Download and Edit All SOPs
  • Send SOP Requests to our Team
  • No Attribution Needed with Clients
  • Analytics & Tracking SOPs
  • Content Marketing SOPs
  • Email Marketing SOPs
  • Sales Funnels SOPs
  • Operations SOPs
  • Paid Advertising SOPs
  • SEO SOPs
  • Social Media SOPs
  • Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee