Tommy Griffith
Ex-SEO Manager at Airbnb & PayPal
ClickMinded Co-Founder

Discover the traffic you are missing with the SEO Action Plan

Get the World's Most Detailed SEO Action Plan, 100+ Action Items, Complete with Step-By-Step Execution Guides, Templates, and Resources, updated every month.
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What if you could have a repeatable framework to get higher rankings and more traffic?

Maybe you’d get more clients or charge more money for your services.
Maybe you’d get more leads and sales for your business.
Maybe you’d get a promotion or land your dream job.
The big dirty secret about Search Engine Optimization is that SEO really isn’t that hardI’m definitely proof of that.
We took this idea and implemented it at the last place I managed search engine optimization: Airbnb.
It worked out pretty well there:
airbnb search traffic
Tommy Griffith
Ex-SEO Manager at Airbnb & PayPal
ClickMinded Co-Founder

But this is not just for massive companies

It worked out pretty well for ClickMinded too:
"The same action plan I’ve used to grow ClickMinded from 0 visitors to 234.913 per month”

And this is what it did for our revenue

But more importantly, it works for over 50,000+ Marketers and Business Owners that use and keep improving our framework every single day
Get the SEO Action Plan

What you’ll find inside

All the tools and platforms you must setup to ensure your plan gets executed easily, and most of all, gets tracked perfectly. The tools have been picked for you and our comprehensive SOPs and Guides will take you through each step of the implementation.
The ultimate process and tools to dig into high-traffic keywords that not only rank easily but also drive traffic that converts. Identify high-opportunity keywords to drive traffic. Target what your potential customers are actively searching for.
Optimize each of your pages perfectly so they get the absolute best chance of ranking at the top. Covering everything from the actual content, to the smallest of details. Make sure Google understands your content is relevant, and make sure Google displays it in the best way possible.
Technical SEO can be overwhelming. With this section of the action-plan you do not need to read a single line of code to identify every item you need to fix to ensure Google finds, crawls, reads, understands and displays your content in the best way possible. 
Write content that not only ranks but also engages and converts. Learn how to structure content, from blog posts to landing pages, get the highest ranks for the topics that matter the most to you.
The same tactics that got ClickMinded its 23.943 backlinks, and generated hundreds of thousands of backlinks for other ClickMinded members. Reverse-engineering tactics, campaign launches, and dozens of tactics you can use today, with any website. 
Make SEO Simple again. You do not have to do everything at once. Do you only have a few hours a day to put into this project? Start with the highest priority. 

Do you want to set your own priorities? Our template is fully editable so you can make it exactly the way you want it. 
An entire Project Timeline (Gantt Chart) created for you. You'll never have to think about how long a task should take, and which ones should be done first. Parallel tasks are supported, displaying their priority and their status. Get everyone on the same page in only 5 seconds. 
Precise, step-by-step instructions, templates and guides that show you (and your team) how to execute extremely specific digital marketing tasks.

Make your work more efficient by using the free editable templates included in the SEO Action Plan.
All Included in the SEO Action Plan. Updated monthly. 14 days risk-free money-back guarantee

Who Is It For?

Agency Owners and Marketing Consultants
Standardize your workflow. Delegate your work, and provide consistent, results-driven SEO strategies to your clients. Get a plan that works, consistently, every time.
Marketing Managers
Impress your team and your company. Set SEO initiatives, delegate SEO like clockwork.
Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
Stop the guesswork. Get a plan that works, consistently, every time. Finally get SEO done right, get more leads and sales to your business. 

This isn't just a checklist it's an SEO Operating System to save time, delegate work and rank high

With this checklist, you'll be able to:

  • Fully Audit any Website
  • Analyze and Dissect any Competitor
  • Design powerful keyword strategies & research
  • Master link building & grow your authority
  • Create content that Ranks and Converts
  • Optimize every character with on-page SEO
  • Nail all the Technical SEO
  • Get your Google Business Profile listings found

While managing everything in the same spot.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We’re so sure you’re going to love the SEO Action Plan that you can keep it for 14-days and still request your money back for any reason.

Get The Ultimate SEO Action Plan

Ending Soon
/ month
Billed Yearly $99
  • From the people who managed SEO at Airbnb, PayPal, and ClickMinded
  • Latest SEO strategies and tactics
  • Step-by-step guides and tutorials
  • Downloadable templates and worksheets
  • Updated monthly
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Get the SEO Action Plan
Monthly updates. 14 days risk-free money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

ClickMinded is the digital marketing training platform you didn't know you needed.

We create world-class online courses, SOPs, and checklists on digital marketing that companies use to train their teams every day. Companies like Grammarly, WeWork, Volvo, StitchFix, and 50,000 other folks you may not have heard of (yet).

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. It's just a fancy way to describe a very comprehensive checklist. We found ourselves constantly doing the same repetitive digital marketing tasks over and over again, so we decided to build out a massive library of checklists, to help our team members execute on their work flawlessly. 

It turned out that a lot of folks wanted access to this library, so we turned it into a product.

SOPs have become an extremely popular way to scale a business, because you're turning human effort into a repeatable process and reducing 99% of errors along the way.

When you purchase an SOP from ClickMinded, you're getting access to the same operations manual that we use ourselves every day.

The SEO Action plan includes multiple SOPs and Templates created specifically for this purpose. 

You absolutely do not need ClickMinded SOPs. You can definitely create them on your own. When you join ClickMinded, you're saving time.

If that's not important to you, then we do not recommend you sign up

"White-Label" means we do the work, and you get the credit.

You can use our documentation, take our logo off, put your logo on, and share it with your private, 1-on-1 clients.

You can not use it with large communities, online courses, large email lists or as a free downloadable.

You're allowed to:

  • Give SOPs to your private 1-on-1 clients
  • Make changes to SOPs, remove our logo, add your logo and modify anything else you need to change
  • Request new SOPs from us. If it makes sense for our community, we'll create them for you

You're not allowed to:

  • Sell ClickMinded SOPs
  • Make ClickMinded SOPs public on your site as content or as a downloadable
  • Offer ClickMinded SOPs to a large group (email lists, Facebook groups, Slack or Discord channels, courses)
  • Give away ClickMinded SOPs to leads, prospects or non-paying clients
  • Make small changes and re-purpose them as your own for anyone that isn't a private client

Yes! We love and encourage our users to request the creation of specific SOPs.

If it makes sense for the rest of our community, we'll add it to our backlog and create it.

Make sure to check with an accountant, CPA, or tax professional who's qualified to give advice based on your specific situation, however most of the users we survey end up expensing ClickMinded, because it's a relevant expense for their work or business (even so - this is not financial advice).

Yes! We can put your company name, address and VAT number on the invoice. Just reply back to your welcome email asking for a VAT invoice, include your company information and we'll send it right over.

The SEO Action Plan and documentation range from entry-level to advanced.

The SOPs are designed to systemize and delegate digital marketing tasks, ranging from basic to extremely complicated, they include step-by-step walkthroughs are split up in a way so that the introductory content can be easily skipped if needed.

None. You can learn everything in our courses and SOPs through other people’s blog posts, forums and your own trial-and-error.

There is absolutely nothing secret here and you can absolutely teach yourself digital marketing and learn it all on your own.

ClickMinded is designed to make learning digital marketing easier and faster.

We've made it as easy and fast to learn as possible, but we won’t be teaching you anything you can’t learn on your own with enough time invested.

We have a super simple 14-day money-back guarantee, no conditions attached. If it's not for you, we'll give you your money back right away. 

Great! Contact us so that we can find a way to help.