Run Powerful Social Media Campaigns

The social media marketing course teaches you how to implement powerful, metric-driven social campaigns.

Let me tell you something that you definitely already know.

Most companies suck at social media.

They talk about how great it is to have thousands or millions of followers and other metrics that don’t matter.

In reality, this is how most social posts by companies perform:

typical twitter engagement

You could probably post a picture of your dinner on Instagram or a passive-aggressive post about your ex and get more engagement than that.

And I’m not cherry-picking: go to your favorite timeline or feed and see how the companies you follow do on social media.

Given how most professional marketers and large companies do social media, it’s no surprise that you’ve probably experienced this:

You’ve looked for the “best times” to post on social media
You’ve been careful to post the “right amount” of times per day
You’ve subscribed to a fancy scheduling tool
You’ve worried about using the “right” hashtags on your posts
You’ve made sure you’re using an image on all your posts

You’ve added links to a blog post or landing page on your site and written “link in bio” more than once

And still…you’ve probably gotten ZERO results for you or your clients’ business.

The reason for this is obvious if you just think about it for a second:

Most companies that get into social media marketing fail miserably because they behave like “companies on social media.”

Sounds like a catch-22, I get it—but hear me out.

  • If you go to Twitter, you’ll see people tweeting their thoughts, sharing an interesting article, having conversations, sharing jokes or memes…then you’ll see a company tweeting a stock photo, with a hashtag, and a link to sign up.
  • If you go to Instagram, you’ll see people posting inspiring photos of their travels, sharing exciting activities they’ve done, or videos with the people they love…then you’ll see a company posting a stock photo, with a hashtag, and a link to sign up.
  • If you go to Tinder…I don’t know what you’ll find—I’ve never been there. That was a different guy.

You get my point.

Most companies fail at social media because they fail to use the channels like they are meant to be used.

Instead, they just try to spray and pray, hoping people will magically go from social to their site and become customers.

If you want your company to be successful in social media, you need to avoid being “a company on social media” and strive to have one of the best accounts on that social channel—period.

That’s EXACTLY what companies like Airbnb have accomplished:

airbnb instagram example

One thing’s for sure: You’re not going to get there by posting the same message+hashtag+image+link combo on every social media channel.

What if you learned how to create and execute a social media strategy like Airbnb?

  • Maybe your agency would be able to provide 10x better results to clients than any other agency offering social media services
  • Maybe your company’s social media accounts could generate a massive number of new and highly-engaged leads every month
  • Maybe you could get a promotion or a new job to manage a company’s entire social media presence

That’s exactly what the ClickMinded Social Media Framework will help you accomplish…

…and we’ve brought a world-class social media expert to teach you: Jasmine Atherton, Head of Social at companies like Airbnb and Delta.

Jasmine is a total boss:

  1. She has run massive campaigns on social, including Super Bowl campaigns.
  2. Her team has won several Canne Lions for social media campaigns.
  3. Under her leadership, Airbnb has won “Best Brand on Instagram” several years in a row.

Meet Your Insturctor

Jasmine Atherton
Head of Social, Airbnb

Jasmine is the Head of Social at Airbnb, managing the social strategy for one of the most valuable startups in the world.​

From Super Bowl commercials to award-winning campaigns on Insta and FB, Jasmine's seen it all, and goes deep into what it takes to create a world-class, metric-driven social media strategy from scratch.

What our users are saying

I am just starting with my business. Just going through this course is really helping me with different things I never thought of before. The tools given, like the social media audit, among others, are easy to follow which is awesome.

I recommend this course particularly to those who are new to getting their business on social media, and/or are struggling with their social media.
James Springall
In an age of ‘social media experts’ it's hard to know who is actually knowledgeable, who to go to, and who to actually trust. Jasmine is, through and through, an expert in everything social.

Her accolades speak for itself, but it's her willingness to share knowledge that puts her on another level. Learn everything you can from her.
Eric Toda
Global Head of Social Marketing - Meta
I’ve seen a lot of talent in the industry but Jasmine is spearheading her way through the digital space. She always brings great value and delivers thoroughly with such passion!

Be sure to follow her closely because she drops golden nuggets along the way.
Pearl Tam
Senior Director of Content & Community - Brand Innovators
ClickMinded has a way of delivering information that is conversational, engaging, and easy to understand. Thank you for taking the time to include quality videos, tactical downloads and takeaways, and the quiz helps ensure I've retained the info. I appreciate your time!
Angela Whaley
Marketing Strategist
ClickMinded has been nothing but a wonderful resource to sharpen my skills and learn new techniques and strategies. They've gone above and beyond in providing a course with absolutely everything you need to succeed.
Laura Dolgy
Digital Marketing Specialist - Helix
I've taken quite a few courses about digital marketing in the last few months. This is without any doubt the best of them. Well structured, lots of practical advise and templates to take action and implement what I've learned. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to implement real strategies that work and not just 'gimmicks'.
Javier Sanchez
CEO - Additional Digital Marketing Agency

Here's what's included in the course.

The ClickMinded Social Media Marketing Training teaches you EXACTLY how to run powerful, metric-driven social marketing campaigns.
  • The THREE components of social media that will help your business grow in a meaningful way (and not just accumulate likes, retweets, favorites, etc)
  • Debunking the myth of social media management: it’s not easy and the fact that you have a personal Facebook or Twitter account doesn’t mean you’ve got it figured out.
  • The decision process to follow when picking whether to participate in a social channel or not (hence avoiding the hype of new social channels popping up every week)
  • Discover how users’ attitude and mentality changes completely depending on the social channel (and how this can lead to drastically different strategies from channel to channel)
  • Why Facebook is the go-to channel for companies of all sizes and how its algorithm makes it a great place for brands to share content
  • What differentiates Twitter from every other social channel and how that will determine the way you approach it
  • The ONE critical success factor for companies participating on Instagram (plus, why your profile is more important than in any other social channel)
  • How Snapchat can enable you to create one-to-one connections with users (as opposed to other channels where interactions are “one-to-many”)
  • What is “life-stage content” and why it’s the best performing type of content for Pinterest (plus, how to be successful in Pinterest by approaching it as a search engine instead of as a social channel)
  • Why you don’t necessarily need to have your own channel to participate in YouTube (this is actually how many brands choose to approach this channel)
  • How Airbnb used LinkedIn in the past vs how it’s changed its strategy to reach business travelers (plus, why it’s perhaps the least robust channel for marketers and advertisers)
  • social media channel cheatsheet that will give you a framework to decide on which channels to participate and how
  • 12 tactics to help you start growing your social media audiences from scratch
  • The TWO reasons why you need to monitor social media even if you’re not actively participating in it (seriously, this is the bare minimum that you have to do and most companies don’t do it properly)
  • Why “going viral” isn’t always good news for your company (hint: when something goes wrong) and how to prevent it from spiraling out of control
  • How monitoring can enable you to create “whoa moments” for your customers and take engagement to a whole new level
  • A step-by-step walkthrough to automate monitoring by using social listening tools (including some advanced techniques to get the exact results you care about)
  • The EXACT workflow to streamline management of ALL your social media mentions (and the best process to address each type of mention)
  • What most people get wrong when they think about competition in social media (this is why you should probably not worry too much about other brands or companies)
  • A case study of how Airbnb uses different content formats (animation, photography, video, long-form content, and albums) to adapt the message of a single campaign to maximize the impact of a single campaign across several channels
  • What constitutes “content excellence” with video, imagery, and copy for companies like Airbnb (social media users are RUTHLESS and will only give you a few seconds of their attention)
  • Why you can’t just “do social media” and expect to get results (you should only participate in a social channel if you can do it as a REAL user would)
  • The win-win situation that will allow your company to publish high-quality compelling content without actually producing any of it
  • How to think like a social media user in the attention-deficit era and the FOUR tactics you can use create content that people actually consume
  • Our favorite tools for writing compelling social media copy, finding affordable (or free) high-quality photography, and designing visuals (these will make your life 10x easier)
  • The THREE methods you can use to maximize the reach of your social media content (including which one to use if you have a small social following)
  • Our go-to tools to simplify and streamline the distribution of your content across all your social media channels (there’s a couple you probably haven’t heard about)
  • A simple framework to measure, track, and report engagement across all of your different social media channels (this solves a BIG problem for social media managers: how do you compare a Twitter like to a Facebook comment?)
  • 4 types of content campaigns to boost your sales and revenue (and work for any company and industry)
  • How to define goals and metrics for each social channel and stage of the funnel (plus, learn how Airbnb developed their own benchmarks to analyze the success of their social media campaigns)
  • Analyzing organic vs paid engagement and how each of them can help you hit different goals
  • Why having thousands or millions of followers in social media doesn’t really matter and what you should do (instead of just trying to get more followers)
  • The TWO strategies you can use to attract social audiences to your website and convert them into leads and customers (there’s more to it than just “link in bio”)
  • Using UTM parameters to track your social campaigns on Google Analytics (and beyond going beyond social metrics)
  • The step-by-step process to perform a comprehensive audit of the social media competitive landscape for any company or industry (you HAVE to do this before you can even think of your social media strategy)
  • The exact workflow you can implement to streamline content planning, creation, and scheduling (most people get this wrong and think they can just get a scheduling tool and be done with it)

Earn your Social Media Marketing Certification

The social media marketing class includes a certification. Finish the class, pass the final exam and you’ll earn the ClickMinded social media certification.

It integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn and it’s included in the social media marketing class for free.

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