Setup Perfect Google Analytics 4 Tracking

The Google Analytics 4 Course teaches you exactly how to implement perfect web analytics tracking with GA4. 

When was the last time you opened Google Analytics, if ever?

I remember the first time I did. It was terrifying.

For over 4 years, here’s what happened every time I opened Google Analytics:
I wanted to know which channels were growing my business, so I looked at sources of traffic.
Then I wanted to know what content was driving the traffic, so I looked at landing pages.
Then I wanted to know if people were sticking around, so I looked at bounce rates.
Then I wanted to know if they had purchased a product, so I tried setting up goals.
Then I looked at 20 or 30 other metrics.
Finally, I realized I spent 4 hours making sense of Google Analytics, I hadn’t learned anything valuable, and I wasn’t any closer to improving my business.

Then I did the next most logical thing:

I curled up in a ball, started crying, and didn’t open Google Analytics again for another 3 months.

Sound familiar?

Look, it’s not just you.

I’ve met people at startups and massive companies that have worked with some of the best data scientists in the world—and even they have a hard time figuring this stuff out!

When it comes to digital marketing analytics, there is a LOT to digest.

  • There are hundreds of metrics you can track and thousands of ways to analyze them.
  • Implementing Google Analytics starts to feel overwhelming when you want to start tracking what matters: eventsgoals, and transactions.
  • There’s never enough time to get tracking and reporting set up the right way.

And more importantly:

  • How do you turn all of this data into actions that will help you get more traffic and sales?

It doesn’t have to be like this.

What if you could get 99% of the insight you need by focusing on just 5 core metrics?

Don’t believe all the “big data” hype.

For most businesses, analytics is less about big data and more about relentlessly optimizing for the few metrics that actually matter.

Radically narrowing your focus can allow you to:

  • Show your clients exactly how your strategies help them grow their business
  • Easily track the health of your own business and make data-driven decision to get more traffic and sales
  • Create a powerful digital marketing strategy to present to your company’s management

That’s what the right analytics strategy will do for you.

The best part? This isn’t really that hard (take it from me, a B- student in 10th-grade math)

Meet Your Instructor

Christopher Osborn
Founder, On Top Digital Marketing

As a Marketing agency owner Christopher mastered the tools to measure and report on successful digital marketing campaigns down to the last cent.

Christopher dives deep into what it takes to set up comprehensive tracking and shows us how to monitor laser-focused metric that help you grow any business covering all the latest tools like Google Analytics 4 and Looker Studio.

What our users are saying

I used his classes and documentation to give me a foundational understanding that led me to get Google Analytics certified. ClickMinded courses gave me the knowledge to consult C-level leadership on digital marketing and optimization needs as well as understanding how to better staff my team with external resources that will support us in providing the best service to our clients.
Renée Fishel
Project Leader
I've done a lot of different digital marketing training, but ClickMinded is in the top tier of my favorites. Their instructors are all pros, and their marketing insights are from real brands. Nothing teaches like experience, but ClickMinded is the real deal and the perfect way to launch into a new discipline or at least gain a great understanding of it.
Matthew Ballen
Freelance Copywriter and Scriptwriter
Thank you for constantly providing stellar content that is actually digestible and ready to take out into the world and use. From Google Analytics to SEO. As a new marketer, I've leaned heavily on ClickMinded to teach me a lot of things and have been pleasantly surprised.
Erin Srebinski
Marketing Manager
There was no assumed knowledge. The course made sure to explain things in detail (e.g. properties vs views), OR to tell you that you didn't need to worry about what it meant for now.
Dave Turnbull

Here's what's included in the course.

The ClickMinded Google Analytics 4 Training teaches you EXACTLY how to double conversions for ANY business with laser-focused tracking
  • What you need and don’t need to do get massive insights from Google Analytics 4(learning how to ask. the right questions is key)
  • A framework to understand metrics that matter at each stage of the funnel (this will allow you to make the biggest impact with the least amount of effort)
  • Why Google Analytics 4 is the only tool you should consider for your web analytics (hint: it’s free and more powerful than most paid tools out there)
  • The THREE core metrics that Google Analytics 4 uses to track how visitors behave on your site (and how this can help you easily understand 99% of what’s going on)
  • How to get the exact data you need from the FOUR types of reports that Google Analytics 4 offers (this is what’s typically called the “AABC” of web analytics)
  • Tracking your users along the entire path to conversion (instead of just focusing on sales and guessing how they got there)
  • How to translate your entire business into simple key metrics and segments (this is perhaps the most important lesson in the entire course)
  • The FOUR steps to create a comprehensive measurement plan for your business (starting from high-level goals and going all the way down to analyzing specific groups of visitors)
  • How Google Analytics “Accounts, Properties, and Views” work (and why you shouldn’t just use the default settings)
  • A step-by-step walkthrough on how to correctly set up your Google Analytics 4 from scratch in just a few minutes (we’ll literally show you where to click and which boxes to check or uncheck)
  • Keeping track of each of your digital marketing campaigns inside Google Analytics 4
  • How to use Google Tag Manager to install Google Analytics 4 on any website (without the help of a developer)
  • Learn how to use Google Analytics 4's most important reporting features in under 20 minutes (there are literally thousands of ways to look at a single report, but we will show you how to narrow down to view just what’s most important to you)
  • Understanding WHO are your website visitors using the Audience reports (you will learn how to know exactly what EACH customer did on your site before completing their purchase)
  • Analyzing WHERE your visitors are coming from using the Acquisition reports (this is super important in learning the difference the channel that drives the most traffic vs. the channel that converts the most users)
  • Determining WHAT your visitors are doing on your site using the Behavior reports (and how to find the most valuable piece of content on your entire site)
  • Learning how CONVERSIONS happen on your site using the Conversions report (and what’s are the most common paths to conversion)
  • How to get extract the most value from these reports by analyzing segments (hint: you should probably look at customers and non-customer separately!)
  • Learn the 2 main ways to track conversions on your site (and when to use each one)
  • Watch real-life examples of setting up campaign tracking, from start to finish
  • How to avoid going into Google Analytics 4 rabbit-holes and get the answers you want every time
  • Discover 7 powerful insights you can start using immediately to get more traffic, leads, and sales
  • Learn how to use Looker Studio and create powerful reporting dashboards in a few minutes
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of setting up a dashboard to monitor the entire sales funnel of a real business
  • The ONE Chrome plugin you absolutely have to use to make sure your implementation is working correctly
  • Tracking your visitors across all the domains you own (you’ll probably need this if you have a membership site, use checkout software, landing page providers, or if you use an external content management system for your blog.)
  • Our go-to resources for advanced analytics strategy, implementation, and troubleshooting
  • How to use RegEx to create powerful filters inside Google Analytics (most analytics experts use these regularly to drill down on reports)
  • How to track users who have logged in to your service or platform (even if they log in using different devices or browsers)

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