ClickMinded SEO Training

This is a 6 lesson demo of the ClickMinded SEO Training Course.

The full course is 62 lectures and approximately 5 hours long.


A few things before getting started:

1. There are quizzes at the end of each lesson to test your knowledge, and your progress through the course will be marked as you move along. These are disabled for the demo.




2. When watching videos, feel free to full-screen by pressing the button on the bottom right:



3. There’s also a 12 lecture mini-course, ‘Start a New Site From Scratch’ in the top navigation, which is a ~1 hour screencast of exactly how to start an SEO-friendly site from start to finish. This is also disabled for the demo.




3. On Page Optimization

Length: 3 minutesAuthor: Tommy GriffithComplexity: Easy

A summary of on-page optimization, aka the "stuff" on your webpage. Content includes examples of common mistakes people make when they first start learning SEO regarding their on-page optimization. This is often called "designing for search engines".

4. Keyword Research

Length: 2 minutesAuthor: Tommy GriffithComplexity: Easy

A summary of keyword research, how to use the Google Adwords keyword planner, and why keyword research is the foundation for everything that you do in SEO.

6. The Importance of Synonyms

Length: 2 minutesAuthor: Tommy GriffithComplexity: Standard

A quick overview of why it's important to use not only your keywords in your copy, but phrases that are similar in nature as well.