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What is ClickMinded?

ClickMinded started with the idea that it shouldn't be this annoying to learn, and stay up-to-date with, digital marketing.

The algorithm updates, the UI changes, the newest app you "have to"  have an account on - it is way too frustrating and painful to keep your knowledge and your documentation updated.

ClickMinded is a massive library of world-class digital marketing courses and white-label documentation, so that you and your team only have to go to one place to stay sharp.
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The nerds have spoken

Since 2012, 50,000+ marketing geniuses have joined the ClickMinded fam.

Thanks to ClickMinded, I’m selling digital marketing packages for $1,500, and I net $1,000 on those clients.
Bryan Likes
Freelance Marketer
After enrolling in ClickMinded, my agency’s organic traffic grew by 232%.
Camilo Bernal
Agency Owner - DesignPlus
I used this information to launch my business in the US and have so far doubled my income in a few months. I now expect to surpass my Canadian income.
Mike Grossman
Founder - PPE HQ
We use ClickMinded as a "Mandatory Guide" for our interns. They need to complete the course before they are allowed to join the execution team.
Radhakrishnan Kg
Agency Owner - WebNamaste
I've finished the ClickMinded courses and they're the best I've taken so far. I was able to land job at a tech company. This is probably the best investment I've ever put my money into.
Bryan Caranto
Marketing Specialist
The ClickMinded SOPs are so streamlined, I can literally just hand them off and have whoever execute it. Our traffic increased by 26% in ONE month after implementing the SOPs.
Laurence Braford
Owner -

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions people have before they sign up.

ClickMinded is a massive library of world-class digital marketing courses and white-label documentation also known as SOPs - standard operating procedures.

It's designed to teach you how to massively increase traffic and sales for any website as quickly as possible, while also training up your team and outsourcing repeatable work and processes.

ClickMinded is organized into 3 core product:

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. It's just a fancy way to describe a very comprehensive checklist. We found ourselves constantly doing the same repetitive digital marketing tasks over and over again, so we decided to build out a massive library of checklists, to help our team members execute on their work flawlessly. 

It turned out that a lot of folks wanted access to this library, so we turned it into a product.

SOPs have become an extremely popular way to scale a business, because you're turning human effort into a repeatable process and reducing 99% of errors along the way.

When you purchase an SOP from ClickMinded, you're getting access to the same operations manual that we use ourselves every day.

You absolutely do not need ClickMinded SOPs. You can definitely create them on your own. When you join ClickMinded, you're saving time.

If that's not important to you, then we do not recommend you sign up

"White-Label" means we do the work, and you get the credit.

You can use our documentation, take our logo off, put your logo on, and share it with your private, 1-on-1 clients.

You can not use it with large communities, online courses, large email lists or as a free downloadable.

You're allowed to:

  • Give SOPs to your private 1-on-1 clients
  • Make changes to SOPs, remove our logo, add your logo and modify anything else you need to change
  • Request new SOPs from us. If it makes sense for our community, we'll create them for you

You're not allowed to:

  • Sell ClickMinded SOPs
  • Make ClickMinded SOPs public on your site as content or as a downloadable
  • Offer ClickMinded SOPs to a large group (email lists, Facebook groups, Slack or Discord channels, courses)
  • Give away ClickMinded SOPs to leads, prospects or non-paying clients
  • Make small changes and re-purpose them as your own for anyone that isn't a private client

Yes! We love and encourage our users to request the creation of specific SOPs.

If it makes sense for the rest of our community, we'll add it to our backlog and create it.

Make sure to check with an accountant, CPA, or tax professional who's qualified to give advice based on your specific situation, however most of the users we survey end up expensing ClickMinded, because it's a relevant expense for their work or business (even so - this is not financial advice).

Yes! We can put your company name, address and VAT number on the invoice. Just reply back to your welcome email asking for a VAT invoice, include your company information and we'll send it right over.

ClickMinded courses are entry level to intermediate comprehension.

ClickMinded SOPs and documentation range from entry-level to advanced.

The courses are designed to gives folks a fundamental understanding of each category, and get you up to an intermediate understanding as quickly as possible.

The SOPs are designed to systemize and delegate digital marketing tasks, ranging from basic to extremely complicated.

Both the courses and SOPs include step-by-step walkthroughs are split up in a way so that the introductory content can be easily skipped if needed.


Each course ranges from 3-6 hours long, and they've been cut up into small, digestible and organized segments, so that you can easily refer back to specific lessons when you have questions.

ClickMinded courses are designed to be extremely actionable. With more than 50,000 folks enrolled into our products, we cover only as much theory as necessary before diving into actionable advice to get you results quickly.

Yes. The platform is 100% responsive and works on all mobile devices.

ClickMinded is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The course includes unlimited lifetime access as well. Once you enroll, you'll never lose access to the content, and can refer back to it as much as you'd like.

None. You can learn everything in these courses through other people’s blog posts, forums and your own trial-and-error.

There is absolutely nothing secret here and you can absolutely teach yourself digital marketing and learn it all on your own.

ClickMinded is designed to make learning digital marketing easier and faster.

We've made it as easy and fast to learn as possible, but we won’t be teaching you anything you can’t learn on your own with enough time invested.

All courses and SOP products include a 14-day money-back guarantee.

All courses include unlimited lifetime access and free updates for life.

Yes. Anytime we push out an update to a course, that's included. For free. You'll get that automatically. Forever.

Actually, this happens all the time. That's why each course includes unlimited lifetime access, and free updates for life. If there is a change, you'll hear about it. And it's included in the course for free.

Each course includes a certification. Finish the course, pass the final exam and you'll earn your certification.


Certification is not required for this industry. The best people in the game don't have certifications, and for many people, you simply don't need one.

With that said, some people like to show future recruiters and clients that they (or their staff) have taken and earned a certification.

We've also received feedback that many employers won't expense the training without some type of evidence the student has completed the course. We got so many requests from our users for this, that we decided to add it.

Great! Contact us so that we can find a way to help.

Scale Your Digital Marketing Team

World-class online courses and white-label SOPs that you can use with your customers and your team.
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