By using SEO techniques learned from the ClickMinded SEO Course, we saw our web traffic increase by 912% in six months from 225 active users a month to 2,277 active users a month.

Tyler Rice Owner

The SOP Library has saved us tons of time with its simple, step-by-step processes to follow.

The SOPs are so streamlined, I can literally just hand them off and have whoever execute it.

Our traffic increased by 26% in ONE month after implementing the SOPs.

Laurence Bradford Owner -

I've finished the ClickMinded SEO and Content Marketing courses and they're the best I've taken so far. I was able to land an apprenticeship position at a tech company.

This is probably the best investment I've ever put my money into.

Bryan Caranto

Google Ads stuff was amazing. I've already made positive ROI campaigns for every single one of my clients, and I LOVE the course update!!! Head and shoulders above the previous one. Thanks so much for refreshing it. Can see right from the start this version is so much better. I'm redoing the whole thing and was so pleasantly surprised when I saw its been completely revamped.

Sonja Graser

Everything is really good. Particularly the tips/advice given, the how-to URL recommendations, the tools given to organise social media management, and that each module is short and to the point. Great for when you have a busy schedule and you don’t want to be going through a course for months on end.

I am just starting with my business venture and I know the importance of using social media. Just going through this course is really helping me with different things I never thought of before. The tools given, like the social media audit, among others, are easy to follow which is awesome. When I did some competitor research to see what other businesses are doing in their social media audits, these are overly confusing, and as someone new to this, this is overwhelming. However, with this course from ClickMinded, they have simplified it in a way that it is more easily understood, and made tools into mediums that are simple to follow and organise. These have put me at ease which is great!

Finally, what is also great are real examples using a big company like AirBnB. It’s more than just theory, the course gives you real-life examples. I'm looking forward to putting this into action. When I first came across ClickMinded I wasn’t sure about buying the ClickMinded Social Media Training. I went for it because I knew social media was going to be a major stumbling block for me and this provided a solution to that. I am so glad I went for this! Because I can already see that this course is highly valuable; The tools given will help me organise myself in a way that I did not think of. If I did not buy this course, I can already see the mistakes I would have made.

This will help me to fast track what I should be doing for greater success. I recommend this course to anyone, particularly those who are new to getting their business on social media, and/or are struggling with their social media, and want to grow with social media.

James Springall

I finished the Paid Advertising Course last Monday and got an interview for a Performance Marketing Manager position last Wednesday. Now, I'm not saying I'll get the job, but there's no way I would be confident enough to even stand a chance without having completed the ClickMinded course! And guess what - the other required skill besides PPC was - Sales Funnels, which I had completed previously! I've only done 2 of the courses, but my entire marketing mindset has already been transformed and I'm not that much of a newbie either. This has easily been the best investment I've ever made for education!

Out of all the Google, Hubspot, and Udemy courses I've done, this is without the doubt a winner and blows the competition out of the water with ease.

Peter Figel

An email from ClickMinded was forwarded to me by a colleague and boy am I glad I opened Tommy's message.

I used his classes and documentation to give me a foundational understanding that led me to get Google Analytics certified. Coming from mainly a project management background, ClickMinded courses gave me the knowledge to consult C-level leadership on digital marketing and optimization needs as well as understanding how to better staff my team with external resources that will support us in providing the best service to our clients.

As an added bonus, Tommy's overall energy, whether he is teaching or moderating a class, makes these learning experiences even more exciting. Register to take ClickMinded courses, you won't regret it.

Renée Fishel Project Leader

I came from a high-profile bootcamp to ClickMinded because the content I received through the bootcamp was subpar. However, with ClickMinded, the training is hands-on. I've already referred several people to this platform to learn SEO. I highly suggest grabbing the 7-course bundle. Everything I've completed so far has been outstanding!

Timothy Moonlight Author

As a growth consultant working with tech companies, I'm also in-need of sharpening and updating my skill set. Sometimes it's just reminders or advanced tactics and strategies, sometimes it can be learning a whole new skill. I've taken many ClickMinded courses that have helped me do a better job for the companies I work with and close higher ticket clients.

Roy Povarchik Growth Consultant

Want to have an arsenal of digital tools to build your business from the ground up and into self-sustaining engine that cranks out predictable revenue?

ClickMinded is a library of resources geared towards taking you from novice to master in digital marketing. The education is first class and they spared no expense in the quality of the production.

Whether you're a solopreneur or a CMO of a Silicon Valley start-up, investing in this resource is the first step to go from a negative burn rate to positive cash flow. That's real talk.

Billy Williams Copywriter

I have been in quite a lot of SEO courses, from Udemy to big-name SEO courses, with prices ranging from a few bucks to 2K+. ClickMinded's SEO course is one of the most comprehensive and updated of them all.

Following the guidelines ClickMinded provides me, I've been able to achieve tons of top rankings related to the term "SEO." Although the language in my country is Chinese, all the concepts and the methodology can be applied comprehensively without issues.

Highly recommended!

Ringo Li Owner

Loved the tactical information. Loved the presentation of campaigns, ads, ad text with accompanying pictures. Loved the anecdotal advice for optimizations. Loved the specific examples with math as well as with example ad copy. Liked the SOPs!! Especially the retargeting SOP. Loved how there was a walkthrough for each actual Google Ads component from beginning to end. LOVED that the slides were at the bottom, easy to get a quick overview.

Lukas Zad

I took The ClickMinded SEO course even though I didn't plan on doing major SEO work myself (I'm a physical product maker with an eCommerce online store who also sells wholesale to retail shops). I wanted a solid foundation so I can do the work and also vet for SEO specialists down the road.

It's a very good thing I took the ClickMinded course because there is so much fluff out there, I've talked to some of them and I wouldn't be wasting my hard-earned money on someone half-assing an online course. The bonus mini-courses are awesome as well. I love the Shopify SEO mini-course. Even though I've been on Shopify for a few years, I still pick up useful tips as I continue to grow my online store. The SOP library is fantastic. It's a great way to find exactly what I need at the moment and get the job done. I recently hired a social media manager - I expect the SOP library will come in handy to get her up to speed.

Oh, let's talk about ClickMinded webinars. I attended a few and they are all top-notch. I gathered so many actionable tips and insights that I think you should charge for them (but please don't!)

The Digital Marketing Strategy Guide got me oriented in the digital marketing world, and The Complete Growth Strategy Worksheet: OMG - mind blown! One last thing: their emails are fantastic! Informative and entertaining. Such a great example of email marketing done right.

Thanks, Tommy and The ClickMinded team!

Natalie Wong Founder

When it comes to digital marketing and the internet, information overload is real. Nowadays, everyone seems to have an opinion or hack for something whether it's actually proven or not. That's why it's important to have a trusted, central authority with years of professional, battle-tested experience to back up their claims.

ClickMinded is it! It's my one source of truth when it comes to digital marketing. Don't believe me? Just check out their Strategy Guide, blog posts, webinars and free mini courses. Tommy is hilarious and the content is well structured, super insightful and most importantly you can apply what you learn to your own business right away!

Just within a couple of months of applying some of the ClickMinded SEO strategies to my own small business I was able to rank certain keywords on the first page of Google and not only saw an uptick in traffic but also more customers - at the end of the day, is that the whole point?!

So if you're like me and simply want the best information and strategies out there, stop the information overload and confusion and go for ClickMinded. Your business will thank you.

Heval Omari Account Executive

I'm always impressed with Tommy. Has non-obvious and solid information to get real results with SEO. I'd do anything to hire him full-time but this course is all I can get :)

Noah Kagan

ClickMinded is THE BOMB. It has been A great way to get our entire team trained up on SEO. We use it, we love it, we would be lost with out. The product is great.

Bryan Harris

Everything I know about SEO I've learned from Tommy Griffith. Watching SEO go from just a set of best practices to a integral, metrics- and engineering-driven element of the Airbnb growth team was impressive by the team and exciting to be part of.

Gustaf Alstromer Y Combinator

While I help my clients, and they stay with me for years, I have always known I could do better for them. The deep knowledge and processes that ClickMinded provide are exactly what I was missing. I have been kicking my own ass since missing their last deal, and was intending to wait till the next one rolled around. But the energy and humour in the course is infectious and after a long time of treading water, I am excited about SEO again.

Julie Hume Freelance SEO Consultant

You need to take Tommy’s SEO course Clickminded. He’s given you everything I could, and then some - it's the only SEO course that I recommend to my students, and they thank me for that recommendation all the time.

Jeff Sauer

Sophie Tahran's natural proclivity for writing is buoyed by a strong background in English and grammar, a dedication to strategic thinking, and years of experience in some of Silicon Valley's most competitive and groundbreaking organizations. She's a sharp and refreshing self-starter, an authority in the fast-paced and ever-evolving field.

Claire Zahm Lyft

Jim has scaled a startup from idea to 8 figures and advised Fortune 500 companies. If I was a CMO his course would be mandatory for my team.

Jenny Fielding Techstars

Jim is a lethal weapon. His user acquisition strategy did more in 3 days than anything we did in 3 months.

Polina Veksler Universal Standard

I’ve seen a lot of talent in the industry but Jasmine is spearheading her way through the digital space. She always brings great value and delivers thoroughly with such passion!

Be sure to follow her closely because she drops golden nuggets along the way.

Pearl Tam Brand Innovators

In an age of ‘social media experts’ it's hard to know who is actually knowledgeable, who to go to, and who to actually trust. Jasmine is, through and through, an expert in everything social.

Her accolades speak for itself, but it's her willingness to share knowledge that puts her on another level. Learn everything you can from her.

Eric Toda Gap Inc.

My agency’s organic traffic grew by 232%.

Camilo Bernal Agency Owner - DesignPlus

I used this information to launch my business in the USA and have so far doubled my income in a few months. The market is much larger so I expect to surpass my Canadian income with the US income.

Mike Grossman Founder - PPE HQ

After obtaining ClickMinded's SEO certification I was able to land a job doing freelance SEO, which eventually led to a full­-time job. ClickMinded gave me a skill set that allowed me to impress my company and become a bigger asset for the team.

Lindsay A. Bull Marketing Coordinator - Vantage Controls

As the founder of a local SEO agency, I am constantly looking for ways to gain more insights and knowledge about digital marketing and SEO to stay ahead of my competitors and to serve my clients better by providing them with the best results to grow their business.

Over the years, I have subscribed to many SEO and digital marketing courses, but the SEO course that Tommy Griffith has put out at ClickMinded is much more comprehensive yet easy to understand than others. I have used the tips and strategies shared by Tommy to train my own staff and SEO leads. By integrating these strategies as part of our processes, they consistently and successfully increased traffic to our clients' websites.

Due to these amazing results, my clients have gone out of their way to provide us with positive reviews and testimonials, which has helped us win awards as the best SEO company in Calgary, Alberta, and San Diego, California.

Ace Rashid Founder & SEO Expert

We use ClickMinded as a "Mandatory Guide" for our interns. They need to complete the course before they are allowed to join the execution team.

Radhakrishnan Kg Agency Owner - WebNamaste

I have already recommended this course to multiple people. I wouldn't be surprised if it became a standard prerequisite for entry-level SEO positions.

Timothy Turner Digital Content Specialist - UMC

This is the best SEO course I've ever purchased! (I've purchased the MOZ SEO bootcamps, Coursera SEO courses, bought countless books like: The Art of SEO, On Page SEO, etc.)

If you're looking to REALLY learn SEO from an honest, and credible source, then ClickMinded SEO course is the most comprehensive AND fun course you'll ever take—hands down.

Again, if you want to increase your website traffic just buy this course, you're getting a great deal.

Kenneth Melo Founder - Kopygenius

I've been in the web design/SEO/digital marketing space for over 12 years so I'm not new to SEO. So why take the ClickMinded SEO Course? Well, I only know what I know and I want to continue learning. Most importantly, I want to learn from an expert. This course, hands down, delivers everything you'd need to be a pro at SEO.

The content in this course is extensive and it is absolutely a one-stop-shop for all things SEO. Nothing is left out and there are a ton of resources and tools that are worth their weight in gold. You'll learn what to do, as well as what not to do in order to be successful with your SEO. Best of all, the course material is up-to-date with current search engine (Google) guidelines so you can rest easy knowing you're implementing the best SEO strategies available.

If you're new to SEO, are a business looking to do your own SEO, want to start offering SEO as a service, or are a seasoned SEO looking to stay current, the ClickMinded SEO Course is the only course you'll need. Once you take the SEO course, or any of the other ClickMinded courses for that matter, you'll know immediately you should have all the courses in your library.

Toni Taylor Owner, Toni's Web Design

All the content we create is now written and posted in an SEO-proof way, which has led to a significant increase in organic traffic.

Jon Hungerford Marketing Consultant

Tommy is able to make complex concepts easy to understand and accessible to the average person. He gives you the information needed to get yourself started. The bonus sections add greater value to this very well-rounded course.

Anthony Sieber Marketing Associate

ClickMinded has helped me grow my business. The courses keep jargon to a minimum and made it easy to relate to which is so rare in marketing related online courses.

Josh Pitzalis Freelance developer

ClickMinded pointed me in the right direction. Now I know exactly what to look for when hiring for SEO services.

Mark Leeds Owner

ClickMinded was the first major educational investment I made in my business. It did way more for me than just teach me SEO - it taught me self reliance online and that I can learn anything if I put my mind to it. You gave me the freedom of starting my own business. Thank you!

Patrick Ryan Owner

ClickMinded was a great resource for helping me learn how to get in­-depth into my website, and it did help my business grow.

Neil Sanders

ClickMinded helped me boost my e-commerce site sales!

Joshua Samuel Owner

I'm using the tactics learned to grow my marketing funnel management services. I was also able to get on the first page for my most valuable keyword which meant I got a lot of new organic leads!

Andrew Purdum Owner

I started a few niche sites after I took the ClickMinded SEO course and started to make some decent bucks from Clickbank, JVZoo and Amazon. The ClickMinded course was awesome, it gave me a great understanding of SEO so that I can offer these services both to my clients and to use on my own websites!

This content is invaluable to any website owner that relies on traffic to keep their business going and to those who want to grow their business.

Mozie Owner

First of all I rarely write testimonials but ClickMinded deserves one. 50% of my business is SEO and I've been doing SEO for Belgian clients for 10 years now and I still keep learning from the guys from ClickMinded. It's hard to find really good courses but this is one of them. Very actionable also.

Dominique Verniers SEO Specialist

What I’ve learned in the course helps me grow my business and my clients’ businesinesses!

Therese Kopiwoda Owner

I build and operate web sites for a living, this course has greatly helped me to improve the services I provide to my clients.

M Ansdell-Smith Owner

Even with a decent amount of SEO experience, I learned new things. I've already started implementing many of the strategies for my clients.

Jay Strubel Owner

This course was my first step towards becoming an SEO professional. I can't think of anything to improve.


This course is great! I've used the information as a freelance writer to help clients and to write accurately about SEO matters.

Mary Hannick Freelance writer

ClickMinded has helped me grow my email list and my business!

Adrian Dean

ClickMinded has allowed us to consistently hit our sales goals. The education and skillset I got from ClickMinded helped my business tremendously by allowing me to offer services like web design and search engine optimization.

Arron Delman Marketing Automation Specialist

This class helped me grow a lot as a marketer. So much so that my previous manager keeps asking me to come back and help them!

Lise Framsted Demand Generation Manager

I'm currently #4 on Google on my #1 search term!

Matthew Rick

I've been able to massively increase my client's websites visibility on search results!

Yad Page

We were in dire need of SEO help, and after completing this course, I was able to move up in the company thanks to my knowledge of SEO!

Jimmy Piraino Marketing Manager

Thanks to ClickMinded, I’m selling SEO packages for $1,500, and I net about $1,000 on those clients.

Bryan Likes

ClickMinded has definitely helped me grow my business. I use it every time one of my clients launches a site!

Arielle Hale Owner

ClickMinded has allowed me to offer SEO services to my clients!

Denny Cave Owner

This course is very well done - and the most enjoyable learning experience of all the classes on SEO I've taken - perfect especially for those who have very limited exposure to SEO strategies and tactics, and great for those who are not SEOs but need to understand it (e.g. web designers, copywriters, non-technical company founders, etc). Thank you!

Haylie McCort Owner

Whilst all this information is available freely online of course, the tips, tricks and suggestions provided, coupled with the learning method and structural approach saved me an insane amount of time if I would have had to look it all up myself. And even then, I wouldn't have had the same experience and condensed knowledge I have now.

Marc Maessen Owner

Love what Tommy teaches and the way he teaches. I have always believed that I have a good knowledge of SEO, but after going through first two sections of this course, I learned a variety of new things about SEO. More importantly, I love the way Tommy teaches. He knows very well what he is trying to say so he is very convincing, impactful, and does it all with a great attitude.

Nitesh Manav Founder

The lessons I've taken inside this course just make sense! And there's nothing better than to feel you're actually connecting the dots of SEO (and how to actually take action on it). Tommy is a great teacher, the topics have a great structure and Tommy likes to have fun while explaining which helps a lot to keep up and enjoy learning something we all think is mission impossible. Awesome value for me as a solopreneur looking for speed and understanding. Thank you ClickMinded!

Diego Gomez Founder

Incredibly In-depth SEO course. I was very pleasantly surprised to see from the off that there were things I didn't know that this course would educate me with. I have already had great success and this combined with SE Ranking /Serpstat will further enhance the service I can provide.

From the start it's clear this course is going to set you up with the tools you need to succeed. There are a ton of free plugins I had never heard of before that just make an SEO marketer's life easier - and that's just in the first part of the course!

Simon Rowe Software Development Manager

I originally took the great ClickMinded SEO course to help my own career, which it has. I found that I was learning so much, that I could help other people learn about digital marketing.

ClickMinded has helped me and my clients in a very tangible way! From the several courses I have taken with ClickMinded, I have been able to look at a friend’s ecommerce site, and help him see what needed to be done to increase sales. He is as stoked about ClickMinded as I am!

As a customer of ClickMinded, I enjoy having peace of mind that the teachers are top-notch. The lessons are broken up into digestible amounts, which makes the lessons enjoyable to learn.

Anthony Aggs SEO Consultant

The ClickMinded SEO course is one of the most comprehensive courses on SEO out there. It is very thorough and covers all the aspects you need to know to start working on the SEO of your site. It even has specific bonus modules to learn more about SEO for YouTube, Amazon, and Pinterest. And if you don't have a website yet, this course has you covered. It includes a module on how to start an SEO friendly site from scratch.

The content of the course is easy to grasp and Tommy's videos are easy to follow. If you're looking for a top SEO course with practical advice, the ClickMinded course is a great choice.

Michiel Brand SEO Specialist

As a one man agency, I used them to fill a lot of gaps in my own SOP's for assistants and contractors. Though my main use, and what attracted me to sign up, was learning new skills that other blog posts just didnt cover in enough detail. ClickMinded SOP's are like blog posts on steroids! Really useful and unique product. Keep up the good work!

Zach Toth Founder

Just wanna thank ClickMinded for this amazing SEO course. After buying it I was a bit skeptical about the length of the videos. Then I realized two things:

1) How fast Tommy talks and how many notes it led me to (~50 pages and counting!)

2) How well Tommy communicates and explains advanced SEO concept and how it inspired me to dig in to various topics.

Thank you for opening the door to SEO-land.

Oscar Ramsing

The ClickMinded SEO course is AMAZING!

Like many SEO's I was "self-taught," learning as much as I could from the wealth of free resources online and trial and error. I had some wins but nothing major.

After recently completing the course I can say that I know now that I truly understand the fundamentals of SEO and can put them into practice. And it's actually more fun than I realized. I used to hate the idea of link building, seeing it as a major chore...Now I see link building can actually be an awesome networking opportunity that generates almost instant referral traffic. After building some links (the right way!) I'm actually getting constant real-time traffic to a page I'm trying to promote. I know exactly what to do to get it to rank for its keyword so I'll just keep on going till it does.

Tommy is an awesome coach. Very approachable with questions and really goes all out to make this course the absolute best possible product he can. Highly, highly recommended.

Matthew Ziranek Owner, Rocket Expansion

WOW! This SEO Course was absolutely everything I ever wanted to know about SEO, including a whole lot I really needed to know that I had no idea about!

It really gave me a full conceptual understanding of search in the context of the entire internet over various platforms (not just Google.) I can see SEO on a whole new level of importance now as the world becomes increasingly digital. Virtually every platform we use has some kind of search functionality.

As an agency owner this course has been invaluable. Tommy clearly knows his stuff. He makes it fun, fast and interesting to learn this very technical subject. The wealth of resources provided in the course add so much extra value. He even gives you idiot-proof step by step checklists for EVERYTHING you'd need to apply the course data.

I can say with complete certainty that if you are a reasonably technically minded person you could do this course, go implement what it teaches and do very well in your niche on search engine results. That doesn't mean it won't take work!

Thank ClickMinded. Fantastic Course. Looking forward to starting the Sales Funnel Course now...Also, like the easy-going style of relaying the data. The SOPs are gold! Can't wait to put a whole bunch into practice. I just seriously loved the entire course and can't wait to go and get a whole bunch of new relevant no1's on Google and other SERPs

Matthew Ziranek Owner, Rocket Expansion

I run a digital marketing agency team and we are absolutely going to utilize the Clickminded SOP library and numerous guides.

I've been in digital marketing over a decade with a Master's degree and no one has broken down these topics in as clear and well-organized way as Tommy and his team. I highly recommend any digital marketing manager review the ClickMinded guides and consider using their SOP library, no matter how experienced they are.

Mike Kennedy Owner, Stikky Media

The courses are partly to thank because they helped me in:

- Getting remote jobs to pay off debt
- I am now saving up to take a graduate degree in a community college

I currently work remotely on either a consistent hourly or retainer freelancer basis for:

- A small marketing agency
- A Facebook Ads solopreneur
- A Medical School themed YouTuber

This is partly because of you guys so THANK YOU!!!

Kian Paras Freelance marketer

There was no assumed knowledge. The course made sure to explain things in detail (e.g. properties vs views), OR to tell you that you didn't need to worry about what it meant for now.

Dave Turnbull Co-Founder

ClickMinded stands out as a true catalyst for learning online marketing and is the best online course of its kind. The expertise of the teachers, quality of instruction, humor, and step-by-step examples accelerated my ability to research and launch digital marketing campaigns. The result is that I've gained enough confidence in my skills to reach out to businesses and offer them valuable services. It feels great to be able to help them in ways I can now measure and prove.

Before taking the core SEO and sales funnel courses, I was unsure about what to expect. I didn't know much about SEO. Pretty soon it became clear that I'd struck gold, so I dropped everything else I was learning to focus. Since then, I've completed four courses. I've taken the SEO and sales funnel courses twice from start to finish because the time spent is worth it. And I plan on doing the same with the content and email marketing courses.

I was amazed to learn that the classes are updated for life, which is a rarity. It means I can stay on top of an ever-changing field without having to pay for additional updates. The free updates is one example showing how ClickMinded and their team of awesome instructors know their students and care about helping them succeed at the highest levels. I felt like the updated SEO course was made for me when Double Dragon 2 showed up as an example. Me and my brother played that game on SEGA all of the time... I enroll in many online courses and you're way way ahead -- it's not even close. Not only am I amazed and grateful to have received a revamped course FOR FREE, just for being a student, the update is proof that you practice what you teach about the funnel. Thank you!

Marcus John

ClickMinded is the most developed training and courseware for SEO that I have yet to experience. I have taken 7 different courses and this one included amazing visual training, lecture explanations and hand-outs that are not only professional, but super useful. I am currently using the audit SOP now to make sure we didn't miss anything on our new project for Bug's Bunny! What's up Doc?!?

Joseph Kahn CTO & Director of SEO

ClickMinded is amazing. I was tired of bullshit SEO hacks that rely on tricking google and end up really only hurting you in the long run. ClickMinded is best in class, solid, no-BS SEO training that works. I require all my marketers to take it.

Peter Keller CEO

I learned digital marketing or whatever you call it on the go. I had a master's degree in law and political science...I needed content like this to sum up and organise what I learned in my first years as a rookie marketer. It was just perfect. It cleared my mind about SEO and funnels and helped me to contextualise what I was doing. Even better: I got a job at an amazing company after that :) I impressed a lot of people with my new structured knowledge! People regret buying puppets but they won't regret buying from ClickMinded! :)

Aurelien Gand Customer Growth Marketer

I've been a ClickMinded student for a few years now and they have been instrumental in my success. I work as an in-house digital strategist for my local community college so I have to be well-versed on current trends, strategies, and tactics. ClickMinded courses have been my secret library of knowledge because they keep all of their courses updated, extensive, and actionable.

Their digital marketing strategy guide is the best thing on the market for a full-spectrum look at digital marketing today, plus the 8-bit design is objectively awesome. I whole-heartedly recommend every ClickMinded course and products and would stake my reputation on their value.

Matt Radcliffe Digital Strategist

ClickMinded has a way of delivering information that is conversational, engaging, and easy to understand. Thank you for taking the time to include quality videos, tactical downloads and takeaways, and the quiz helps ensure I've retained the info. I appreciate your time!

Angela Whaley Marketing Strategist

Incredible content. Very useful and valuable. I totally learned a lot of things and was able to digest it all in just a short period of time. Very simple and tools are ready to use. In other words it is great. Worth it!

Joan Rey

Great course, well structured, and the most important - practice-oriented! The SOPs are brilliant!

Margareta Resetar Freelancer

I really enjoyed the full breakdown of everything and the recommendation for tools, which I sorely needed.

Rachel Bean Data manager/Content Editor

[What I like most is] Tommy's attitude and style of teaching...This is the best SEO course on the market. I've taken it when it was launched, and again this year, because the information is always updated, relevant, and accurate. Tommy manages to add a breath of fresh air and fun to a topic that is quite robust.

Maika Endo Holistic Business Coach

Highly suggest this course. I know SEO is important, but didn't realize it was absolutely vital until taking this course.

Matt Jones Writer/Content Producer

I liked how straightforward the explanations were...The ClickMinded SEO course gave me a solid understanding of SEO and what it takes to rank better in the search results. I would strongly recommend this course to any one who wants to drive better results with their website.

Hann Wang Content Writer

This helped get beyond the basics in a concise and precise path. I especially liked the SOP's so that we can provide the same SEO service for our clients.

Don Schulz

A month ago I found ClickMinded while Googling for 'SEO checklists' during a recent WordCamp talk, and then found a free webinar about this course. I took the webinar and was so impressed I signed up. Now I have an SEO Specialist certification and a new direction for my web design and development business to go in. Thank you for a top-notch course. This was the most simplified (not dumbed-down) SEO course I've taken. The SOP's are amazing.

Debbie Campbell

The expansiveness of the content, the sample checklists and documents, the links to software, the fact that with the sample checklists and best practices, I could soon put this knowledge into practice were my favorite parts of these ClickMinded courses.

Tyson Batino

I liked that the information provided was original and authentic. It's easy to regurgitate the same information that's provided for free on YouTube.

I've taken a number of paid courses that claim to be digital marketing mastery courses, SEO mastery courses, inbound mastery courses, etc, etc, etc...It seems the only common takeaway from all those courses, was that marketers are excellent at marketing how to market. They were all theory and no practical application. If you want to learn theory and TALK about how to market, go to Hubspot and view their free courses (they do a good job).

IF YOU WANT TO LEARN AND BE GIVEN THE ABILITY TO EXECUTE...TAKE THE ClickMinded COURSES. Hands down the best I've taken. Tommy provides relevant examples, recommendations on software to use (with complete transparency regarding affiliateship) and the SOP Library takes the "think" out of almost any major SEO optimization exercise you can think of. I ended up purchasing access to the rest of the ClickMinded courses despite having a minimal (more like no) budget for my startup. Educations are expensive no matter how you obtain them and this one has the best ROI.

Mark Carter

The content is easily digestible and can be applied immediately. No fluff as you see in many other courses. Also, I love Tommy's enthusiasm. His tone is very engaging, and not monotone at all.

This course is not only one of the best SEO course I have ever taken, but it might simply be the best online course I haver ever done. The content is easily digestible and very practical. You can apply what you've learned directly after watching the videos. While I already knew some of the basics about SEO, I'm feeling way more confident after completing the ClickMinded SEO course.

Nicolas Duchemin Global Marketing Lead

I liked the whole picture and the structure. It really gave a holistic view of the topic.

Denis Lazare CEO

The ClickMinded SEO course is the most advanced and complete SEO course on the web. Simply amazing to get the necessary skills to create an online business...There are lessons for beginners and for experts alike. You can clearly feel that Tommy and his team have a lot of experience in the field.

Giuseppe Deepak Benti SEO Specialist

I love Tommy's teaching style, his course is professional and also easy to understand. I'm a beginner of SEO, however this is the most interesting course I've ever learned, I would definitely recommend this course!

Shuhui Jennifer Qu Graphic Designer

I was in awe of the fact that ClickMinded actually sent me reminders on a weekly basis to encourage me to complete the course. Never have I seen that before. Usually websites only send reminders to complete purchase orders. So for me, those reminders really gave me a sense that ClickMinded really values the progress of their learners. Big plus!

This has been an amazing course! Really comprehensive. Covered SEO in all its aspects. Provided detailed video run-throughs on how to carry out SEO procedures. Tommy even throws in a ton of humor in his lessons. Made them really interesting and fun to watch...I feel fully equipped and confident to handle SEO.

Daniel Buyinza Developer

This course is very educational and helps someone with just working knowledge of SEO to understand it better. I would recommend taking this course!

Misti Kerner Senior Executive Assistant, SEO and Export Manager

ClickMinded makes the complicated simple and informative...Very informative and valuable programme for SEO.

Jim O'Rafferty

I learned how to keyword map and use various tools to use when implementing...I found this course informative, relevant and easy to implement in my profession. Valuable information that I can reference anytime is key and I look forward to learning more!

Danielle Bagdzinski Marketing Manager

I got the SEO course and it's def worth the money! Keyword research is my favorite part. You can use it to refine your business idea and products/services/content strategy. Absolutely loved to learn which tools to use, and how to use them to define a content strategy and even to come up with new solutions/products.

Maaike van Vliet Manager of Customer Engagement and Branding

It was great to have so much expertise all in one place. It's been like school for way less money than I'd pay anywhere else. When I was starting out last year, I didn't know which parts of digital marketing I would enjoy most, so the courses have given me a chance to try everything. Now I feel more confident about niching down to the ones that I like best.

The first course I finished was the SEO course, which is the flagship. Within a couple weeks I had landed my first freelance job on Upwork doing backlinking, and put so much of what I used to work right away for that client. The client was experienced with SEO, and was impressed with the tricks that I'd learned from the course that made the work move faster.

After that I wrote two blog posts for another client after doing keyword research to find terms that had a lot of search volume and not much competition. Those posts rank in the top 20 on Google even without backlinks, and after 7 months, one of them drives almost as much organic traffic to our e-commerce store as the homepage!

I had nearly finished the email marketing course when the update hit, and I am really, really happy with the new content. Web applications have changed a lot in three years, and now the courses are much more up to date. Seeing the comparison between Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Drip has been very instructive, especially since I have only used Mailchimp up to now. I feel confident about my ability to do work for a client in any of those three ESPs now.

One of the things I LOVE about ClickMinded courses is the inside scoop on 3rd party tools. Every course has turned me on to 3 or 4 tools that blew my mind that I never would have found on my own. It's so helpful to have an expert who can point you to the best options. Some of them I never would have known to look for. Others are in a crowded market, and it has saved me a ton of time to know which 2 or 3 were really worth trying of the 10-15 options out there.

And how can I forget the SOPs - in every course there are a bunch of Google Docs that walk you step by step through the most important procedures in that course as well as Google Sheet templates just like the ones used in the video course. These are easy to save to your own Google Drive for future use.

So much of what is in these courses is intended to make it easy to do the work the first time like someone is walking you through it. When you are learning on your own without a live expert on hand to help and guide you, that is SO helpful. I have been able to put what I've learned from these courses into immediate use for my clients, and highly recommend them to anyone starting work at an agency or with freelance clients who wants to "do it right" from the beginning.

I've written in to support a couple times, and these guys are really on top of their emails. I get a response right away, and have felt really well supported. Great job Tommy and team!!

Casey Arendt Coach

They are really fantastic! I am very impressed! The teaching is well prepared and straightforward. Too many people add too much fluff, get off track, and make their videos way too long. There are done very well!

Teresa Rose Founder

I loved the ClickMinded Sales Funnel course! I liked how practical the course was. I was able to implement recommended best practices right away. The case studies were very relatable. I walked away from the course having learned how to create sales funnels, the best practices to follow with a list of tools to use and how to use them. I appreciated how practical the course was and I look forward to taking even more courses on ClickMinded.

Djuvane Browne CEO

ClickMinded is the go to course on basic SEO and digital marketing. The content is thorough, fun and extremely well done. Lots of value for your money.

Mark Robinson

Seriously love the SEO courses. The mini course is excellent for new hires! Most free webinars I've attended are just long pitches for something being sold. But not ClickMinded! Even their free webinars have tons of great information. Tommy is a great teacher, too - he never hesitates to use his own mistakes as examples of "what not to do".

Dawn Boyette SEO & SEM Project Manager

Before discovering the ClickMinded SOP library, our agency was struggling to build internal processes. We wanted to systematize everything, but found the task daunting. With the SOP library, not only were we able to model how ClickMinded did things, but we learned a much better way to manage our system. Even better, we realized there were more efficient ways of doing things than we had been doing them.

Tim Berry CEO, President, & Founder

Thank you for the amazing training and mini-courses you are constantly feeding our brains with. Do not think for a second your efforts are going unnoticed. I truly value and appreciate your wisdom and knowledge. What I appreciate the most is Tommy's sense of humour. He has the right approach for a millennial audience. ClickMinded's courses and products come highly recommended by my organisation.

Sunil Sewpersadh Digital Marketing Practitioner

I have taken the ClickMinded course twice now because they keep adding new content that is really great. It has helped me build my SEO knowledge tremendously.

I have used the strategies learned here on all my websites and the rankings keep on improving. This course is a must.

Bill South Web Designer

I don't get on with courses in general: too boring, too long, too basic and just too much like school. Two videos/lessons in and I've usually switched off and gone back to googling the info I need. Because let's face it, you can google all the info in the ClickMinded SEO course in just the same way you now can for just about any kind of information.

However, I found myself watching and following all of the ClickMinded course. Long enough to learn something, but short enough to not get tiresome. In the videos they use the same tools and techniques they recommend, free and paid, giving great insight and real-life resources.

You know, it's never going to replace watching Ozarks on Netflix, but if you need to learn more about SEO than money laundering, it's a better choice for sure.

Darren Lock Freelancer

I've been with ClickMinded since the very beginning, and for a reason. I am a very paint-by-pictures kind of guy and want to be told step 1, step 2, ... for anything technical. So, when I came across this concept of an SOP of common steps you need to do on a blog or your shop to get your SEO in order, I sat up and took notice.

When I learnt that these SOPs were created by someone who grew AirBnB's traffic, I was sold. I must say ClickMinded taught me just enough to conquer SEO without cognitive overload. I simply love it and would recommend ClickMinded videos to anyone who seeks to increase traffic and conversions.

Shrin Sharma Project Leader

ClickMinded SEO is one of the courses that does not feed you any bullcrap about SEO. It is a straightforward course with solid content. I would strongly recommend the ClickMinded course for those who are serious about learning SEO. It is delivered in a simple language that is easy to understand and does not bore you with technical or jargon terms. Thank you ClickMinded for an excellent SEO program.

Suthesh Kumar Executive Director

The ClickMinded SEO course is very detailed, with great actionable advice that can be implemented without any confusion. If your need to learn digital marketing, definitely recommended!

Yves Tan Frelance Web Designer/Digital Marketer

ClickMinded has been a God-Send for our team. The mini-courses are a great way for our account managers to get easy to understand training on SEO concepts and fundamentals, so that they can easily convey complex topics to our clients. The SOP library saves us tons of time and is very intuitive. I estimate we save several thousands of dollars each month by being more effective and action-oriented through the use of ClickMinded.

Joshua Watson SEO Director

I've done a lot of different digital marketing training, but ClickMinded is in the top tier of my favorites. Their instructors are all pros, and their marketing insights are from real brands. Their SOP library is also unique. It's particularly incredible for people like me who are both terrible at documenting processes and terrible at finding time to document them. The more technical SOPs involving analytics and tag manager, etc. are particularly lifesaving for me. Nothing teaches like experience, but ClickMinded is the real deal and the perfect way to launch into a new discipline or at least gain a great understanding of it.

Matthew Ballen Freelance Copywriter and Scriptwriter

Last year, I quit my job to start a marketing coaching practice. I thought I was a good organizer, but as it turned out, being the sole decision-maker is tough. I decided I needed to learn even more and to get some SOPs. That is how I ended up on the ClickMinded newsletter and webinars.

Their way of teaching, really focused, and to the point, helps me a lot. Thank you and best of luck from Romania!

Andrei Vasile Business Coach

ClickMinded basically introduced me to the world of SEO. After always avoiding the topic, as an online entrepreneur I had to come to terms with the topic. I highly recommend the SEO course. It is great content and really valuable, for beginner and advanced SEOs. With the help of ClickMinded, I managed to double my traffic!

Anne Haeusler Blogger/Podcaster

I am not an expert in SEO, I only study it to be able to apply it to my clients when I develop their websites.

ClickMinded's course was very interesting to me, he is very pedagogical and explains in a very pleasant way. I usually skip through videos, but I've seen the whole of the course. In addition to the usual, he has explained some things that I had not seen anywhere else.

Another good thing is that I have access for life, which is great because I am going to come back repeatedly. There is a lot of information to absorb.

Special shoutout to their SOP files. They are just what I was looking for: concrete and structured information for simple solutions. I highly recommend it.

Fermin Fernandez Freelancer

There are many things I like about the ClickMinded SEO Course but three specifically stand out.

First, the range of material from basic to advanced is mind-blowing, and it's all neatly categorized. You can appreciate, video after video, the time and effort that went into the research and production of the material.

Two, the detailed, actionable content of each video. It's not just boring, 'how to' presentations. I feel fully engaged, with examples and reasons why with each lesson.

Three, up to date, fresh content. Period.

Eric Reynolds Digital Marketing Consultant

ClickMinded courses have allowed me to actually help people with solid ranking results! I help many non-profit groups with their web presence, and applying the ClickMinded principles has gone a long way to improving their online success. Rather than doing things for them, I teach them how to make their own updates the ClickMinded way. Thanks to Tommy and the gang!

Jason Egan COO

It all started when I found ClickMinded's website, I read the entire section and they mentioned that I could learn quickly and without as many obstacles as other courses, so I decided to take the first mini-course on SEO training, and then I continued with the other six. The mini-courses were succinct, useful, and the information has been explained in a way that a beginner or even someone with some knowledge on the subject will find it useful. I am the type of person that loses interest quickly in something that is long, but with ClickMinded courses it is different. I can understand putting it into practice and obtain results quickly.

Thanks, ClickMinded for enabling me to get results faster because all your courses are excellent, but the other thing that is very practical is the SOP Library. It streamlines a lot of the work for me and they are excellent manuals. Thanks a thousand!

Michele Herrera Entrepreneur

I've taken a couple of full courses, a couple of mini-courses, and a couple of webinars from ClickMinded and I have nothing but good things to say. Tommy and the ClickMinded team actually care about delivering VALUE, not just trying to upsell you one thing after the next, after the next, like many course creators these days.

The videos are jam-packed with info and the included resources deliver an extra layer of awesomeness. If you're looking for maximum value to level up your knowledge and systems with a down-to-earth team that isn't trying to squeeze every cent you've ever made out of you, then ClickMinded is the right choice for you.

Tom Davis Owner/Founder

I run a small digital agency based in Barcelona, Spain. My main focus is strategy and content, but I try to stay connected to the nitty-gritty, since good strategy requires a sufficient understanding of what is going on at ground level. So I love implementing campaigns as this provides a better understanding of the available tools, and the skills and effort required by the workforce in order to plan and develop a campaign or a product launch.

And this is where the ClickMinded tutorials, video tutorials, and seminars are extremely helpful. As an avid tutorials consumer, I can say I love ClickMinded's because they never skip a step, they never let the reader down: their guided explanations ensure that the reader will be able to perform the promised goal at the headline. Believe me, this is not what usually happens. I am frequently left in the middle of nowhere, guessing what hidden step goes between action 14th and action 15th, or why the hell button or option X is not displayed on my computer in the same way as it beautifully appears in the tutorial screenshot I am trying to follow.

I also teach and mentor hundreds of entrepreneurs, on marketing strategy, through Barcelona Activa: a city institution that provides coaching and training to entrepreneurs in order to increase the success ratio amongst new companies. And I regularly share ClickMinded stuff with them since I know they will not be back to me with questions or unsolved problems.

So, yes, I recommend ClickMinded tutorials and courses because they deliver what they promise. And because Tommy's contagious optimism and carefully planned explanations will bring immediate relief to your never-ending digital learning process.

Carlos Perez CEO

My history is simple: I have been a freelance designer for quite some time, renovated my portfolio in 2015, created a company in 2016 and had two babies in between. Now after the pandemic and the last baby going to school, I'm back and need go get more work…only to find that in 5 years I've become Google obsolete :)

So…what is the plan for me? Study and update my skills and renovate my website...for that I've started to investigate more about SEO, only to become overwhelmed by the information available and unaware where to start. ClickMinded's "SEO Mini-Course" popped up and was a lifesaver to get a new and updated understanding about SEO without complications, with a very streamlined and right to the point guide. Also, Tommy is a very good talker, easy on the ears.

Patricia Santos Designer/Art Director

ClickMinded has been an awesome resource for learning everything I need about digital marketing. I've earned their SEO certification and have successfully launched new services based on that, including a free basic on page SEO course as a lead magnet. The information in the course was presented in digestible segments for easy retention. I can't wait to finish the other courses I've purchased!

Karen Carps Owner, Web Design Company

I can't even tell you how often I go back to the ClickMinded course and SOP library. As a consultant, I haven't come across a better resource (not that I'm really looking anymore) to learn from and refresh my skills. I don't even try to take credit for the checklists (SOPs) I share with my clients - they're just that good.

Tammer Mahdy Content Marketing Consultant

Thank you for constantly providing stellar content that is actually digestible and ready to take out into the world and use. From Google Analytics to SEO - I've taken a few courses and attended a few webinars and have been impressed by them all. Tommy does a great job of explaining complex concepts and the SOP library can't be beaten. As a new marketer, I've leaned heavily on ClickMinded to teach me a lot of things and have been pleasantly surprised. Thanks again, cheers!

Erin Srebinski Marketing Manager

After a seemingly endless search for a high-quality SEO education, I was relieved to complete ClickMinded's course with the knowledge and confidence to grow my business through SEO. The SOP library is the cherry on the cake, providing actionable steps to implement what you have learnt.

Adam Mellor Developer/Entrepreneur

There are lots of SEO courses on the market (I've taken them), and the ClickMinded SEO course is the best in class for the following reasons -> it has a wide coverage, yet it is tactical & actionable. Theory is great, but results are more important. In this aspect, their SOP are the Holy Grail & game changer. Showing me step-by-step how to do something for a newbie like me is EXTREMELY valuable!

Joseph Lau Co-founder, Nanogic

I am very happy that I've found ClickMinded courses. I'm using their step-by-step processes to practice my skills.

I keep on learning lots of things and keep applying them to my work projects to see the results. I am improving myself each day…. And all credit goes to ClickMinded!

Alisa Оlari PPC & SEO Executive

I run a small business making specialised furniture for a very niche market. Not having the (somewhat ludicrous) budget to employ a digital marketing agency we set about teaching ourselves how to implement changes to our digital marketing efforts that would yield results by growing the monthly visits to our website and thus increase sales.

What I have learnt from ClickMinded has been invaluable over the past 12 months. The detailed instructions of how to implement the changes are key and to date I have not found anywhere else that provides such a service, everything else seems to be superficial in comparison.

We will continue to use ClickMinded over the coming years and have since taken on an intern to implement a lot of the changes and actions advocated by ClickMinded, it has become a bit of a go to bible for our online efforts. Highly recommended for any small business that want to increase their digital marketing efforts and knowledge in a very time efficient way. Thank you for your work and greetings from the U.K

Ben Tucker Co-Founder

Those that are paying attention to everything digital marketing know that this space is becoming denser by the second with so many companies weighing in that they have a solution that's better than all their competitors. The software and apps being released cover every corner of marketing, boasting advantages and stats that will get you ahead of the game…all for a high monthly fee and they work best if you have these 10 other packages. Some days it gets super-overwhelming. The rest of the days, it's just overwhelming.

Luckily for us, there are a handful of companies that sort through the digital marketing space and organize the content for those of us that take this profession seriously. One of those outstanding companies, that truly have our best interests at heart is ClickMinded. No matter how distracted I get in researching tools, classes, case studies, etc., I always return to the offerings that ClickMinded provide. Not only do they offer several classes on a variety of subjects, they offer intro classes for free just to whet your appetite and nudge you in the right direction. They've even gone the extra distance in providing a SOP library so that you don't have to do repetitive work and to ensure that you have a clear and concise checklist to follow to keep you on-track. The amount of time one can save with their offerings is staggering.

If you want to cut down your time on research, pursue great training and become knowledgeable on digital marketing topics, then one company you better not skip over is ClickMinded. Go introduce yourself, head to their blog and you'll find that their team has something to say - and we should listen & learn; get a taste for how they can benefit your growth by undertaking some free classes and reviewing their guides … you might just prove to yourself that their classes may be the next step in advancing your career or just getting a handle on what is important to focus on in digital marketing.

They've become a daily check-in for me.

Daniel MacLeod

Seriously love the SEO courses. The mini course is excellent for new hires! Most free webinars I've attended are just long pitches for something being sold. But not ClickMinded! Even their free webinars have tons of great information. Tommy is a great teacher, too - he never hesitates to use his own mistakes as examples of "what not to do".

Dawn Boyette SEO & SEM Project Manager

Wow, the ClickMinded SEO course was exactly what I needed! It is well-structured and makes the process of learChrning SEO very straightforward. In fact, as a web agency, we realized how we've made mistakes in site re-dos and that alone has helped us to step up our game. And as we roll out our SEO service, the instructions, tools, and SOPs have been invaluable to help us deliver properly for a client. Add to that the ability to ask questions as we go along, it's just been great!

Dave Braun CEO, Pro Website Creators

As I'm building my agency, I have been looking to create and acquire tangible resources to help me scale - including digital marketing SOPs. After much searching, and trial and error, I was referred to ClickMinded's SOP Library product and could not. be. happier. This is granular and detailed and will help me accelerate the growth of my business. The value for the cost is unmatched. I repeat - I could not be happier.

Chris Rodriguez Owner, iExcel