Scale Your Marketing Team With World-Class SOPs & Training

With ClickMinded for Teams, you can directly manage access to SOPs and courses for your entire team through reusable licenses.

What is ClickMinded for Teams? How do reusable licenses work?

ClickMinded for Teams allows you to purchase reusable licenses to train your entire marketing team.

Reusable licenses are simply licenses that are owned by your company (instead of the individual team member) and you can use them over and over again for different people on your team.

For example, if one employee leaves your company, you can easily revoke access for this person and assign this license to a new team member. The same thing happens if someone on your team has finished their training and you want to train someone new.

Each of your team members gets full access to the SOPs or courses, can keep track of their progress, and earn certifications.

This way, you can easily train and scale your marketing team for years to come.

Complete Control of Your Reusable Licenses

With ClickMinded for Teams, you get complete control of your reusable licenses. You can control usage at any moment.

Easily grant access to new team members.

And manage access for your entire team.

What our users are saying

We use ClickMinded as a "Mandatory Guide" for our interns. They need to complete the course before they are allowed to join the execution team.
Radhakrishnan Kg
Agency Owner - WebNamaste
I've been a ClickMinded has been instrumental in my success. I work as an in-house digital strategist so I have to be well-versed on current trends, strategies, and tactics. ClickMinded courses have been my secret library of knowledge because they keep all of their courses updated, extensive, and actionable.
Matt Radcliffe
Digital Strategist
The expansiveness of the content, the sample checklists and documents, the links to software, the fact that with the sample checklists and best practices, I could soon put this knowledge into practice were my favorite parts of these ClickMinded courses.
Tyson Batino
Want to have an arsenal of digital tools to build your business from the ground up and into self-sustaining engine that cranks out predictable revenue?

ClickMinded is geared towards taking you from novice to master in digital marketing.

Whether you're a solopreneur or a CMO of a Silicon Valley start-up, investing in this resource is the first step to go from a negative burn rate to positive cash flow. That's real talk.
Billy Williams
I've done a lot of different digital marketing training, but ClickMinded is in the top tier of my favorites. Their instructors are all pros, and their marketing insights are from real brands. ClickMinded is the real deal and the perfect way to launch into a new discipline.
Matthew Ballen
Freelance Copywriter and Scriptwriter
I've only done 2 of the courses, but my entire marketing mindset has already been transformed and I'm not that much of a newbie either. This has easily been the best investment I've ever made for education!

Out of all the Google, Hubspot, and Udemy courses I've done, this is without the doubt a winner and blows the competition out of the water with ease.
Peter Figel
Full-Stack Marketer
As a growth consultant working with tech companies, ClickMinded courses that have helped me do a better job for the companies I work with and close higher ticket clients.
Roy Povarchik
Growth Consultant
This class helped me grow a lot as a marketer. So much so that my previous manager keeps asking me to come back and help them!
Lise Framsted
Demand Generation Manager
Whilst all this information is available freely online of course, the tips, tricks and suggestions provided, coupled with the learning method and structural approach saved me an insane amount of time if I would have had to look it all up myself. And even then, I wouldn't have had the same experience and condensed knowledge I have now.
Marc Maessen
I currently work remotely on either a consistent hourly or retainer basis for:

- A small marketing agency
- A Facebook Ads solopreneur
- A Medical School themed YouTuber

This is partly because of you guys so THANK YOU!!!
Kian Paras
Freelance marketer
I run a small digital agency based in Barcelona, Spain. As an avid tutorials consumer, I can say I love ClickMinded's because they never skip a step, they never let you down: their guided explanations ensure that you will be able to perform the promised goal at the headline. 

I also teach and mentor hundreds of entrepreneurs, on marketing strategy and I regularly share ClickMinded stuff with them since I know they will not be back to me with questions or unsolved problems.

So, yes, I recommend ClickMinded courses because they deliver what they promise.
Carlos Perez
I run a small business in a very niche market. Not having the (somewhat ludicrous) budget to employ a digital marketing agency we set about teaching ourselves how to implement changes to our digital marketing efforts that would yield results by growing the monthly visits to our website and thus increase sales.

What I have learnt from ClickMinded has been invaluable over the past 12 months. The detailed instructions of how to implement the changes are key and to date I have not found anywhere else that provides such a service, everything else seems to be superficial in comparison.

ClickMinded has become a bit of a go to bible for our online efforts. Highly recommended for any small business.
Ben Tucker