A Comprehensive Social Media Checklist with Daily, Weekly & Monthly Activities

Use our convenient social media checklist to break down all your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities.
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Social media management can be tiring and stressful, considering the number of things you will have to do.

You'll find yourself constantly busy with activities, as a result, you may frequently overlook essential aspects of your channels.

That is where our social media checklist template makes the work easier for you. Our free checklist is convenient and breaks down all your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities.

It will help you and your team members sort out work depending on their priority level and help successfully manage your social media accounts.

Before you get started with our social media checklist, you’ll need to create a marketing strategy for your social media posts. In this article, we’ll go over how you can get started with your social media marketing strategy.

1. Set Clear Goals & Metrics

Creating clear and achievable goals that align with your company objectives is the key to success in your social marketing endeavors. A specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goal will give a purpose and direction to your social media marketing plan.

If your marketing campaign aims to grow the number of followers on your social media platforms, for example, you must be specific. Answer a few questions like:

  • How many followers are you planning to gain? 
  • Which target audience will you be targeting?
  • What is the time limit for your social media campaign?
  • What other engagement metrics (likes, follows, shares) do you want to measure?

2. Understand Your Audience

Once you understand your target audience demographics and what type of content compels them, you will be able to curate content that resonates with them.

3. Choose The Right Social Media Platforms

You don’t have to rush to every new social media platform that comes in. Do your research and analyze competitors’ social media accounts to choose the platforms where you can connect with your audience with fresh and valuable content.

4. Research Keywords, Hashtags, and Trends

Do thorough research on the keywords and hashtags related to your niche. This will help you get fresh and relevant content ideas that you can share on your social networks.

You can also brainstorm content ideas with your team from different departments to create variety and expertise in your posts.

Creating trending content aligned with relevant social media trends is also another way to reach more people.

5. Create a Content Calendar

A social media calendar will help you plan your social media activities. You may use a social media calendar to track which and when to schedule your posts.

Make sure to add all the significant dates to your calendar and prepare content in advance.

6. Use Social Media Tools

You can utilize various social media tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Hubspot to plan and schedule your posts. You can also shorten the links before sharing them on social media to make your post look cleaner.

7. Check What Your Competitor is Doing

Analyze the social media activities of your competitors and learn from their mistakes as well as their success. Implement what you’ve learned into your marketing strategy.

8. Analyze Your Performance

Analyzing the KPIs of your social media strategy is the most crucial stage for your social media endeavors. Analyze what brought success to your company and where you need to improve.

Pay attention to metrics like follower growth, audience reach, click-through rates, and conversion rates of your social media posts. It will help you know what type of posts engage better with your audience.

9. Conduct Social Media Audit

A periodic social media audit will help you to analyze and improve your media strategy. You can improve your strategy for the next social media campaign by learning what’s working from your current social media audit.

A social media audit template may help you figure out where you are on each social media platform.  Our comprehensive template will also help you develop a world-class, metric-driven plan for your company.

Now that you know how to start with your social media strategy, the next important part is to remember those points every time you post. And that is where our daily social media checklist comes in handy to keep your social media game on top.

Get Your Free Social Media Checklist Now

With so much to do, social media marketers sometimes lose track of their activities during the social media campaign.

Our social media checklist highlights the crucial activities you need to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

The free checklist will help you in completing your activities more quickly and keeping track of your social media routines.

You can get it now by downloading it below!

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A Comprehensive Social Media Checklist with Daily, Weekly & Monthly Activities

Use our convenient social media checklist to break down all your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities.

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