You’re an incredible marketer and your clients love the work you do. But when it’s time to get paid you’re looking at late payments, back and forths, miscommunications, and most of all a massive time sink for your business.

Having a standard, clear, and efficient invoice is the first step to claiming all that time and money back.

Don’t be concerned! All you need is a marketing invoice that simplifies your invoicing so your clients can understand how much you’re billing for each task.

If you want to master creating the ultimate digital marketing invoice, continue reading to the end of the post, where you’ll also get our free marketing invoice template.

We designed a simple and ready-to-use digital marketing invoice template for you. It was designed to adapt to any Digital Marketing business so that your clients can interpret your invoice and pay you on time.

If that sounds interesting, let’s get started!

How To Create A Digital Marketing Invoice

The first items you should include in your marketing invoice are the names and contact information for both your business and your client.

Information About You and Your Client

You’ve sent your invoice, but how will the customer know who to pay if there is no information about you or your agency? You should include your information at the top of your invoice. Your details on the invoice also make it easier for the client to contact you for your future services.

You could be working for several different clients at the same time. You don’t want to make the mistake of sending the wrong invoice to the client. That is why you must remember to include your client’s details in the invoice.

It’s also a good idea to include an invoice number on your marketing invoice for future reference.

Assign Unique Invoice Numbers To Your Invoice

You may need to check the invoice later to resolve any issues expressed by your customer or maintain track of all the invoices you’ve issued. In these circumstances, assigning a unique invoice number to each of your invoices would be beneficial.

Also, provide the invoice date and payment due date to let the client know when you anticipate the due clearance.

The work description is the vital element of the invoice because clients often want detailed information about the services you provide.

Your Service Description Should Include All Necessary Details

To ensure timely payment, properly define your services and the prices you are offering in the description area.

For each item you should indicate the quantity or hours spent, rates, and total amount.

Clearly Calculate Your Total Amount

Mention the total on your invoice to show the client how much they must pay. You should also detail any discounts that have been applied to the total. Add taxes or deduct any prepaid amount from the subtotal on your invoice if it’s relevant.

To make it easier for you, we automated this entire process in your invoice spreadsheet.  After you input discounts, taxes, and prepaid payment, it will calculate the final total for you. It will show the client just how much they must pay for your services.

If you need to include any additional information or leave a message for the client, you can add some notes to your invoice.

That’s it; you’ve created your digital marketing invoice, and are now on your way to get paid on time. Remember to download our digital marketing invoice template, which is the best invoice for digital marketers.

The Marketing Invoice You Need

Download our free digital marketing invoice to craft a professional invoice that gets you paid on time and with minimal effort. Now, you can focus on your digital marketing business without wasting time on your invoices anymore.

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Download our free digital marketing invoice to craft a professional invoice that gets you paid on time and with minimal effort.

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