How To Write The Perfect Email Marketing Proposal

Craft your email marketing proposal that wows clients and makes them want to work with you.
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Clients seldom contact you once you give them the proposal, despite the fact that you are an exceptional email marketer. As a marketer, you understand the importance of proposals in attracting clients, but your pitch has failed to impress anybody.

It’s time to toss your old proposal in the bin and start over.

In this post, we’ll look at how to write  email marketing proposals that wow clients and make them want to work with you.

We designed an editable email marketing proposal to save you time and effort. It contains all of the components of a proposal that are required to impress clients. At the end of this post, we’ve included our free email marketing proposal.

But, before you get started on your proposal, let’s understand what it is.

What Is An Email Marketing Proposal?

When a potential client inquires about your email marketing services, you write a proposal to outline what you will deliver and demonstrate why you are a suitable fit to handle their email marketing activities.

You must cover all significant elements of the email marketing services you will deliver to your client in your proposal.  Try to answer the majority of a client’s inquiries about email marketing campaign.

Because a proposal is not a sales presentation, it is critical to focus on the client rather than rambling on about your business.

How to Write An Impressive Email Marketing Proposal

1. Choose a Proposal Template For Your Brand

Create an eye-catching design that best matches your business to begin your email marketing proposal. You may find a plethora of email marketing proposal templates online for your use. Templates are available for download from Google DocsMicrosoft OfficeCanva, and other sites.

You can download our email marketing proposal specially designed for email marketers.  It includes all of the information you’ll need to present to your clients, as well as a cover letter to impress them.

Next, you have to edit the template for your brand.

2. Create Your Proposal

Clients will have tons of questions before they make the buying decision. In your proposal, try to answer as many of their questions as possible.

Your email marketing proposal can include the given elements:

Cover Letter

The cover letter is an excellent opportunity to offer a quick overview of your business and previous accomplishments to pique the client’s interest. Also, describe your goals and objectives clearly.

Make sure your cover letter discusses how you can help the customer with their email marketing plan.

Give the customer an overview of your project when they’ve become familiar with your concept.

Overview of Your Proposal

In this part, you should quickly describe how implementing an email marketing plan will help the client’s conversion rate and produce more leads.

Later in the proposal, you’ll go through your email marketing approach in further detail.

Your Client’s Email Marketing Needs and Problems

Determine the needs and concerns of the client. Explain how and why these problems developed, as well as how they affect the company’s growth.

After you’ve explained their wants and challenges, tell them about your goals for their company.

Email Marketing Goals/ Objective

Set S.M.A.R.T. digital marketing objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

  • S.M.A.R.T. Email Marketing Goal 1(Eg. Increase leads generated by 30 percent by Q2)

Give a thorough description of how you’ll attain it.

  • S.M.A.R.T. Email Marketing Goal 2Give a thorough description of how you’ll attain it.

Next, describe in full the actions you’ll take to help them reach the email marketing objectives.

Scope of Work

This section requires you to describe everything about the project to the clients. Tell them what areas of email marketing you’ll be covering during the project. You can divide this section into smaller sections.

This section may contain the following:

  • Email Marketing Content Calendar: When will you send an email, and to whom?
  • Content Creation and Curation: What kind of emails do you want to send to which audience segment? How will you track the effectiveness of your emails?
  • Email Marketing Automation: What kind of automations are you going to build? How many emails will they include? 

It’s also essential to communicate with the client about the project’s timeline.

A Clear Project Timeline

Explain when you plan to reach your desired goal in detail. Describe your project’s schedule so that the client has a clear understanding of the project’s timeframe.

Now that your customer knows how much time and effort you’ll put into the project, you can discuss the project budget.

Set Your Project Budget

Explain to your customer what the project’s budget requirements will be. Clearly describe the action you’ll accomplish for the price they’ll have to pay in the description column.

Finally, when your client has read the proposal, you must tell them what they should do next.

What’s Next For the Client

Tell your potential clients what to do next once they’ve read the proposal and how they may contact you, or if you’ll contact them again.

But before you send the proposal, make sure it is error-free.

3. Proofread Your Draft and Send It

To make the best first impression on your customer, proofread and revise your proposal draft after you’ve finalized it.

You can also send it to your team for feedback on the proposal.

Send your customer the proposal and keep in touch with them. Answer any questions they might have about your email marketing strategy.

Download Your Free Email Marketing Proposal Template

Your email marketing proposal is now ready to get you the project. To make the process of crafting a proposal even easier for you, download our free ready-to-use, and customized email marketing proposal template.

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