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Who is this guy?

Tommy Griffith has been doing search engine optimization for nearly 10 years. He was previously managing SEO at PayPal and Airbnb. He feels weird writing about himself in the third person but admits that it sounds slightly more epic.

All the nerds are using ClickMinded.

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Bryan Harris
Bryan Harris
ClickMinded is THE BOMB. It has been A great way to get our entire team trained up on SEO. We use it, we love it, we would be lost with out. The product is great.
Gustaf Alstromer
Gustaf Alstromer
Y Combinator
Everything I know about SEO I've learned from Tommy Griffith. Watching SEO go from just a set of best practices to a integral, metrics- and engineering-driven element of the Airbnb growth team was impressive by the team and exciting to be part of.
Mike Grossman
Mike Grossman
Founder - PPE HQ
I used this information to launch my business in the USA and have so far doubled my income in a few months. The market is much larger so I expect to surpass my Canadian income with the US income.

Get this FREE SOP Bundle