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Land Digital Nomad Work that lets you travel around the world

Instantly master 54 high-level marketing skills that thousands of remote positions are demanding right now
The Digital Nomad Marketing Toolkit is a collection of SOPs (standard operating procedures) and templates to breeze through the most requested services in marketing. Just pick the SOP, follow simple steps, and get the work done in record time.
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Take a look inside one of our SOPs

Here's what's inside the Digital Nomad Toolkit

Over 300 pages of detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs and templates to flawlessly Digital Marketing Campaigns for your clients.
Last Updated: Nov 2022

Becoming a digital nomad is easier than you think

Why you haven’t started your dream of working and traveling…

Another day, another video of a Digital Nomad that pops up on your feed. 

There are so many people out there living the dream… You wish you could be one of them, but it doesn’t seem that easy for you. You know that you first need a remote job that can sustain your ambitious travels.

You probably already found high paying jobs like that. The problem is that they always ask for a long list of skills (even for junior positions).

To make matters worse, courses to learn those skills aren’t necessarily cheap. So you might spend months of your life and hundreds of dollars just to finally be able to start working.

A simple way to master the most demanded marketing skills…

Here's the thing… 

The market is full of employers actively looking for marketing experts who can do what no one else in the team can: set up user tracking, come up with effective strategies, reverse-engineer competitors...

That’s why they're willing to pay a premium for these skills.

And that's exactly what you can now offer with the Digital Nomad Marketing Toolkit. 

You get the exact recipes for performing the hottest tasks in marketing. We’re talking about the kind of tasks that have business owners drooling! 

And you can do it even with 0 previous experience!

Land a remote job that'll fuel your travels for years…

Imagine going wherever you want in the world and staying there as long as you want.

 Breezing through your work and having the rest of the day for yourself. Knowing that your skills are in demand and that you'll always have a high-paying job fueling your adventures – either as a freelancer or an employee.

Those are just some of the outcomes when you can offer business owners exactly what they want.

A smarter type of upskill

You don’t need to spend months learning the marketing skills that’ll push you to the top of your game. Simply grab the toolkit, pick the right recipe and follow the instructions to get the job done the easy way… And without spending a single second on courses or tutorials!

It took our marketing experts years to master these skills. But thanks to their easy-to-follow recipes, it can take you just minutes to get the same results.

A toolkit you can rely on

The same team of marketing experts who created the toolkit is also the one in charge of keeping it updated… forever.

It doesn’t matter how much the platforms change, you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing that you have the right recipe at your fingertips.

Everything you need to start your digital nomad life

With the Digital Nomad Toolkit you get 54 step-by-step guides and templates. Those are 54 new high-level marketing services that you can now offer and deliver in the blink of an eye.
Need a Facebook ads campaign?
There's an SOP for that.
Need to create a backlink strategy?
There's an SOP for that.
Want to implement heatmaps?
There's an SOP for that.
This is the least sexy, most “boring” type of content we could possibly create.

But it’s the stuff that will actually help you get more traffic, leads, clients, and revenue.

There’s no fluff, no clickbait, no listicles. We focus all of our effort on creating extremely detailed and actionable walkthroughs.
Before discovering the ClickMinded SOP Library, our agency was struggling to build internal processes. We wanted to systematize everything, but found the task daunting. With the SOP Library, not only were we able to model how ClickMinded did things, but we learned a much better way to manage our system. Even better, we realized there were more efficient ways of doing things than we had been doing them.
Tim Berry
CEO - Reputation Local
As I’m building my agency, I have been looking to build and acquire tangible resources to help me scale – including digital marketing SOPs.

After much searching, and trial and error, I was referred to ClickMinded and could not. be. happier. This is granular and detailed, and will help me accelerate the growth of my business. The value for the cost is unmatched. 
Chris Rodriguez
Owner - iExcel
I estimate we save several thousands of dollars each month by being more effective and action-oriented through the use of these SOPs.
Joshua Watson
SEO Director - Spiral Marketing Agency
I run a digital marketing agency team and have been in digital marketing over a decade, and no one has broken down these topics in as clear and well-organized way as the ClickMinded team.
Mike Kennedy
Owner - Stikky Media

Here’s some of what you can do with the Digital Nomad Toolkit

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Launch and manage ads on Facebook

Employers are tired of media buyers that waste their money. They want someone who can launch ads on Facebook effectively. In this module you’ll get the exact process used by top ad agencies to create high-converting ad campaigns by targeting the right audiences and replicating strategies.
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Boost website SEO like a pro

Imagine your clients Googling something and seeing that their website ranks higher in the search results. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to achieve here. From keyword research to link building: all of the most powerful SEO strategies and fundamentals simplified in easy-to-understand guides.
train icon

Master email marketing

Email marketing is extra hot today, and agency owners want people who can give them an edge in the field. Learn how to reverse engineer your competitor’s strategy. Come up with a stronger plan to beat them – and earn the eternal praise of your boss in the process.
systems icon

Configure user tracking and analytics

Where do users come from? What do they do once they’re on the page? What’s working on the website, and where is there room for improvement? Business owners are dying to solve those questions, and now you can give them the answers.

retention icon

Master on-page optimization

Lots of businesses already have an established marketing strategy – and now they want to optimize it. In this toolkit you’ll find extensive resources to optimize marketing efforts and get more results for less money. You know, the kind of stuff that has business owners obsessed.
savings icon

Supercharge blogs

Wanna use strategies and techniques that’ll increase blog visits? Here you’ll find everything you need, from backlinking strategies to a powerful technique with infographics. Plus, you’ll find out why competitors’ blogs are ranking and how to beat them.

Level up your marketing skills with the Digital Nomad Toolkit

Lifetime Access For
40+ Digital Marketing SOPs & templates ($497 value)
Fully customizable and white-labeled
Downloadable templates and worksheets
Free updates for life
14-day instant money-back guarantee
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ClickMinded instructors work with the best brands in the game
Devon Page
Director - Marketing for People
Shane Pollard
Lead Operator - WEBMECS
Oyekunle Damola
Digital Marketing Consultant
I can’t even tell you how often I go back to the ClickMinded SOP library. As a consultant, I haven’t come across a better resource (not that I’m really looking anymore). 

I don’t even try to take credit for the SOPs I share with my clients – they’re just that good.
Tammer Mahdy
Content Marketing Consultant

We did the work for you.
You just take all the credit

Something changed the moment we started using SOPs for our business. Our business started growing and, at the same time, I was spending less and less time actively working on it.

Looks great, right?

But this is the part no one tells you about.

Creating SOPs is a boring and time-consuming task. While you’re working on SOPs, it feels like you’re not doing “real” work.

If you’re in a situation where you’re trading time for money, any hour you spend working on SOPs is an hour you’re not getting paid.

This turns a lot of people away from doing this type of work… even if they know how important it is.

The good news is that already we did most of the work for you with the Digital Nomad Toolkit.
These SOPs have saved us tons of time with their simple, step-by-step processes. I can literally just hand them off and have whoever execute.

Our traffic increased by 26% in ONE month after implementing the SOPs.
Laurence Bradford
Owner -

Introducing: The ClickMinded Digital Nomad Toolkit

Get all the resources you need to flawlessly execute powerful Digital Marketing tactics with 99% accuracy.

Step-by-step walkthroughs

Over-the-shoulder walkthroughs that take you through the process in painstaking, meticulous detail, including easy-to-follow screenshots and gifs that anyone can follow, step by step.

White-label branding

Easily download all the SOPs, checklists and cheatsheets and add your own branding for clients and future prospects. We do the work, you get the credit.

Always up-to-date

Our entire library of SOPs and templates is always kept updated by our team. Whenever a tool or process changes, you'll get the new version of our documents automatically.

Editable, customizable, brandable

All of our templates are easy to edit, easy to customize and easy to brand. Only give your clients exactly the data they need, and easily brand the templates with your own logo and design.

Platforms covered

Theory is great, but results are more important. In this aspect, their SOPs are the Holy Grail & game changer. Showing me step-by-step how to do something for a newbie like me is EXTREMELY valuable!
Joseph Lau
Co-founder - Nanogic
These SOPs are so unique. They’re particularly incredible for people like me who are both terrible at documenting processes and terrible at finding time to document them. The more technical SOPs involving analytics and tag manager, etc. are particularly lifesaving for me.
Matthew Ballen
Freelance Copywriter

Massively scale up your impact with the Digital Nomad Toolkit

Lifetime Access For
40+ Digital Marketing SOPs & templates ($497 value)
Fully customizable and white-labeled
Downloadable templates and worksheets
Free updates for life
14-day instant money-back guarantee
Get Instant Access
ClickMinded instructors work with the best brands in the game

Frequently Asked Questions

ClickMinded is a digital marketing training used by over 10,000 agencies, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Our instructors have worked at companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and TechStars.

It’s designed to teach you how to massively increase traffic and sales for any website as quickly as possible

The Digital Nomad Toolkit is for:

  1. People exploring alternative career paths (moving away from 9-5) so they have more flexibility and control over their schedule.

  2. People living in places where jobs are scarce and/or pay is low, hoping to earn an additional income online.

  3. Students or young professionals who're looking for a job that allows flexible working hours so they can choose to travel abroad and work remotely

Extremely actionable. Each SOP is designed with a specific goal. Following its steps will allow anyone to complete a marketing task with 99% accuracy.

All you need is a laptop or any device with an internet connection. All our SOPs are beginner friendly. If you can read and use a computer, you’ll be able to successfully complete the task with 99% accuracy.

Ideally, you could get started as soon as now. Our SOPs are designed to help you execute complex digital marketing tasks for most online businesses.

You will be able to follow proven processes to add new service offerings and close larger deals.

All of our products include a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Cool. Shoot us an email: [email protected]