Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit
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Build your own reliable stream of contracting leads

Capture prospects online as soon as they show interest in home renovations. Never pay or compete for leads again.
The Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit is a collection of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and templates that you can use to create the same system to attract and nurture prospects used by the biggest players in the industry.
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Here's what's inside the Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit

Over 300 pages of detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs  (We call them Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs in short) and templates to design flawless Digital Marketing Campaigns
Last Updated: Jun 2024
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Take a look inside one of our SOPs

Tired of wasting your time on leads that lead nowhere?

Nobody wants to pay for dead leads

The quality of the leads is way more important than the quantity. Pretty obvious, right?... And yet, time and time again, lead platforms send your way only crappy leads that are either just window shopping or being pitched by other 20 contractors at the same time.

You could spend days pitching those leads, and the odds would still be against you. There’s a reason big contracting agencies avoid low quality lead like the plague… because they lead nowhere!

On top of that, lead platforms can ask you up to $48 just for contacting their leads. Which means you’re not only wasting your time cold calling people with 0 interest in doing business… you’re paying for it.

Never rely on lead platforms again

Let’s face it… Your ideal prospects aren’t waiting around on some list for you to pitch them. They’re going through life changes

They’re already busy looking for someone like you to provide them with peace of mind. And now you can draw them into your pipeline when they need your services most.

Whether they just had a baby, just got married or just moved into their new home… your Lite Funnel is designed to attract only the most qualified leads. All you have to do is follow a simple step-by-step recipe. In record time, you could be adding hundreds of names, numbers, and emails to your lead list.

Everyday, thousands of people are looking online how to renovate their houses. The key to bring them in is to reach them when they’re looking for answers – whether they're googling, surfing social media, or checking their email.

With the Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit, you get the tools to tap into a massive flow of online prospects. Simply use the easy-to-follow recipes and templates to create your own lead generation system and start attracting people in record time.

Leads you can rely on

Capturing high-quality leads on a consistent basis sounds like magic? It’s a reality when you have access to tried and true techniques to target the right people at the right time across social media and search engines.

No need to blow money on pointless leads. Instead, grow your online presence and rack up reviews. Build a lead system your business will be able to rely on for years to come.

Lead generation in simple steps

You don’t need to hire a team of marketeer to capture leads consistently. Take control of the lead generation process even if you never set up a lead magnet in the past.

It can be as easy as picking the right recipe and following a simple A ⇒ B ⇒ C process. If you can bake an instant cake, you can do this.

Try it for 14 days

Contracting companies pay thousands of dollars to agencies to have lead generation systems set up in place. We know because we’ve been in those agencies before, and we compiled the most powerful techniques in our Toolkits – now used by +50.000 professionals around the world.

For you, it can be as simple as using the Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit. And if you're not convinced, you can always return it within 14 days.

Everything you need to start generating leads today

With the Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit now you can get up to 40 different guides and templates to create your own Funnel and start capturing new leads today.
Need a lead magnet to bring in qualified leads?
There's an SOP for that.
Want to set up a landing page to convince prospects to sign up?
There's an SOP for that.
Looking to automate lead generation processes in your company? 
There's an SOP for that.

Everything you need to start generating qualified leads today

Pick your task. Send it to your team. Sit back and let your team worry about the details.
1. Pick an SOP
2. Run the lead generation campaigns
3. Wait for results
This is the least sexy, most “boring” type of content we could possibly create.

But it’s the stuff that will actually help you get more traffic, leads, clients, and revenue.

There’s no fluff, no clickbait, no listicles. We focus all of our effort on creating extremely detailed and actionable walkthroughs.
Before discovering the ClickMinded SOP Library, our agency was struggling to build internal processes. We wanted to systematize everything, but found the task daunting. With the SOP Library, not only were we able to model how ClickMinded did things, but we learned a much better way to manage our system. Even better, we realized there were more efficient ways of doing things than we had been doing them.
Tim Berry
CEO - Reputation Local
As I’m building my agency, I have been looking to build and acquire tangible resources to help me scale – including digital marketing SOPs.

After much searching, and trial and error, I was referred to ClickMinded and could not. be. happier. This is granular and detailed, and will help me accelerate the growth of my business. The value for the cost is unmatched. 
Chris Rodriguez
Owner - iExcel
I estimate we save several thousands of dollars each month by being more effective and action-oriented through the use of these SOPs.
Joshua Watson
SEO Director - Spiral Marketing Agency
I run a digital marketing agency team and have been in digital marketing over a decade, and no one has broken down these topics in as clear and well-organized way as the ClickMinded team.
Mike Kennedy
Owner - Stikky Media

Here’s everything you can do with the Lead Generation Toolkit

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Design lead magnets from scratch

Lead magnets are the #1 tool to turn traffic into prospects. Learn how to create them the easy way and to start capturing emails from day 1.
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Design a high-converting landing page

Create leadgen landing pages and optimize them for conversions. Plus, discover a proven strategy to launch your own link-building campaign, expand your reach through related websites and find people that are genuinely interested in your market.
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Set up email automation that nurtures leads while you sleep

Keep your leads engaged by nurturing them through automated sequences. By the time they’re ready to buy, you’ll be their first option.
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Run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn

Running ads is a waste of money, right? Wrong! Learn how to create lead generation campaigns that are ACTUALLY profitable by targeting the right people and reverse-engineering your competitors’ strategies.
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Find the key to producing scroll-stopping ads creatives

Why do some ads catch users’ attention, while others get lost in the shuffle? Discover the truth behind captivating ads and use it to craft powerful visuals that stand out to the naked eye.
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Set up A/B tests and optimize your website

Stagnated websites eventually die. Learn how to keep your website fresh and maximize conversions over time through A/B testing.

Massively scale up your lead generation efforts with the Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit

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40+ Digital Marketing SOPs & templates ($497 value)
Fully customizable and white-labeled
Downloadable templates and worksheets
Free updates for life
14-day instant money-back guarantee
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ClickMinded instructors work with the best brands in the game
Devon Page
Director - Marketing for People
Shane Pollard
Lead Operator - WEBMECS
Oyekunle Damola
Digital Marketing Consultant
I can’t even tell you how often I go back to the ClickMinded SOP library. As a consultant, I haven’t come across a better resource (not that I’m really looking anymore). 

I don’t even try to take credit for the SOPs I share with my clients – they’re just that good.
Tammer Mahdy
Content Marketing Consultant

We did the work for you.
You just take all the credit

Something changed the moment we started using SOPs for our business. Our business started growing and, at the same time, I was spending less and less time actively working on it.

Looks great, right?

But this is the part no one tells you about.

Creating SOPs is a boring and time-consuming task. While you’re working on SOPs, it feels like you’re not doing “real” work.

If you’re in a situation where you’re trading time for money, any hour you spend working on SOPs is an hour you’re not getting paid.

This turns a lot of people away from doing this type of work… even if they know how important it is.

The good news is that already we did most of the work for you with the Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit.
These SOPs have saved us tons of time with their simple, step-by-step processes. I can literally just hand them off and have whoever execute.

Our traffic increased by 26% in ONE month after implementing the SOPs.
Laurence Bradford
Owner -

Introducing: The ClickMinded Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit

Get all the resources you need to flawlessly execute powerful Digital Marketing tactics with 99% accuracy.

Step-by-step walkthroughs

Over-the-shoulder walkthroughs that take you through the process in painstaking, meticulous detail, including easy-to-follow screenshots and gifs that anyone can follow, step by step.

White-label branding

Easily download all the SOPs, checklists and cheatsheets and add your own branding for clients and future prospects. We do the work, you get the credit.

Always up-to-date

Our entire library of SOPs and templates is always kept updated by our team. Whenever a tool or process changes, you'll get the new version of our documents automatically.

Editable, customizable, brandable

All of our templates are easy to edit, easy to customize and easy to brand. Only give your clients exactly the data they need, and easily brand the templates with your own logo and design.

Platforms covered

Theory is great, but results are more important. In this aspect, their SOPs are the Holy Grail & game changer. Showing me step-by-step how to do something for a newbie like me is EXTREMELY valuable!
Joseph Lau
Co-founder - Nanogic
These SOPs are so unique. They’re particularly incredible for people like me who are both terrible at documenting processes and terrible at finding time to document them. The more technical SOPs involving analytics and tag manager, etc. are particularly lifesaving for me.
Matthew Ballen
Freelance Copywriter

Massively scale up your lead gen efforts with the Contractor Lead Generation Toolkit

Lifetime Access For
40+ Digital Marketing SOPs & templates ($497 value)
Fully customizable and white-labeled
Downloadable templates and worksheets
Free updates for life
14-day instant money-back guarantee
Get Instant Access
ClickMinded instructors work with the best brands in the game

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ClickMinded is a digital marketing training used by over 10,000 agencies, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Our instructors have worked at companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and TechStars.

It’s designed to teach you how to massively increase traffic and sales for any website as quickly as possible

Extremely actionable. Each SOP is designed with a specific goal. Following its steps will allow anyone to complete a marketing task with 99% accuracy.

Yes! We actually encourage you to download and make edits to our SOPs.

Actually, this happens all the time. If there is a change, you’ll hear about it and we’ll update our SOPs to fit whatever changes happen.

Probably. Most ClickMinded students expense it for work or for their business.

No accountants or CPAs were involved in the making of this advice, so be sure to check with yours first.

With that said, if you're trying to increase website traffic and sales for your business, this is probably a relevant business expense.

None. You can learn everything in these courses through other people’s blog posts, forums and your own trial-and-error.

There is absolutely nothing secret here and you can absolutely teach yourself digital marketing and learn it all on your own.

ClickMinded is designed to make learning digital marketing easier and faster.

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