What if learning digital marketing didn’t suck?

These days, everything you read out there about online marketing is quick tips, hacks, and crappy Business Insider articles.

Everyone, shockingly, has “The Ultimate Guide for [insert trending tactic]”.

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Meet the ClickMinded Team

TLDR: A Bunch of Digital Marketing Nerds.

Tommy Griffith

Tommy has been doing search engine optimization for nearly 10 years. He was previously managing SEO at PayPal and Airbnb.

He takes himself extremely seriously, and feels weird writing about himself in the third person but admits that it sounds slightly more epic.

Eduardo Yi

Eduardo has been working on digital marketing since 2014. He has worked on content and email marketing for several San Francisco and New York-based startups.

He enjoys working on the intersect of his four passions: education, digital marketing, and incomplete lists.

Heads up: Only the nerds are using ClickMinded.

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