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SEO Checklist


Every time I start a new website, I typically find myself doing the same things over and over again, in order to lay the foundation for solid optimization. I decided to turn this process into a checklist I could refer back to. This list covers everything you should consider doing in the first week or so of going live.


Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO Strategy Guide

Brand new to SEO? Looking for a refresher on the fundamentals? This is where you should start. I wrote this as an introduction to search engine optimization. It contains a summary of the basic stuff that you should know if you’re interested in learning how it works. It covers some of the history of how search engines came about, what to focus on from a 10,000 foot perspective, and also has links to some of the best SEO tools that beginners should use.


Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

Link Building Strategy Guide

Ok, so you know the basics of search engine optimization. Now how do you build links? This guide is an overview of how I like to think about link building. It starts with the fundamentally different thinking that Google had relative to other search engines in the late 90’s. It also includes a number of different link building techniques, specific tactics I use to find link opportunities, and a list of other resources that can help you with your link building campaign.


A Massive List of 1,000 “do-follow” CommentLuv Blogs


While no good SEO would recommend you rely exclusively on one tactics, blog commenting is a fast way to acquire links. The problem is finding good, contextually relevant link opportunities that are “do-follow”. This is a giant list CommentLuv-enabled blogs where you can find “do-follow” links.


Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

A consolidated list of my favorite free SEO tools out there. Having great tools make your job as an SEO infinitely more easy. This list contains tools from a number of different areas: keyword research, competitive link analysis, technical optimization audits, content creation ideas and more. Here’s what I recommend you use to get started.


Unrelated, but popular


$21,243 in 8 Days: Why AppSumo is Going to Keep Crushing It


A summary of what it was like to launch my SEO training class on AppSumo, and how it generated more than $20,000 in revenue in a little over a week. What was extremely refreshing about AppSumo was their lightning-fast communication, their ability to change things on the fly, and their lack of unnecessary formality. This post doesn’t have anything to do with SEO, but it got to the front page of Hacker News and was genuinely well received, so I figured I would put it here.


A Six-Figure Side Project

I’ve been working on ClickMinded, outside my full-time job, for the last 3 years. It really took off in 2014, and crossed over into six-figure revenue. I was talking to a friend about what a weird journey it’s been to get ClickMinded to where it is, and he recommended writing about it. Hopefully this post will have a few insights that can help other people get their own side projects off the ground and into 6-figure revenues, without leaving their job.


Google Analytics Certification


Interested in taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Test?  It took me about 4 hours to study for it. You need to get at least 56/70 questions correct for a passing grade of 80%. There are a ton of fantastic walkthroughs out there on how to pass this exam, but I felt that some of them were a little bit too lengthy, and sort-of trick you into over-preparing when you don’t really need to. Here’s a walkthrough of how I did it.


ClickMinded SEO Individual Qualification


Learn more about the ClickMinded SEO Individual Qualification Test.


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